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Hello SWAT!

IES Champs are this weekend at the University of Idaho aquatic Center.

SWAT has 49 swimmers attending the meet year compared to only 40 swimmers last year. We’re seated well going into the meet but are going to have to race hard for the win. Remember only the Top 8 score and it is our goal to get everyone into scoring position. It will need to be another total team effort to pull out the win against a larger team! Relays will be finalized at the meet and are subject to change a the meet at the coaches’ discretion.


Competition is 90% Mental

There is a lot of time and effort invested into our championship meets, most of all from the swimmers. Parents, coaches, and swimmers are all looking forward to fast swimming and individual performances. At this point of the season, the hard work is done or it isn’t and the biggest thing standing in the way is the mental attitude and mental preparation an athlete takes with them into the meet. Parents and coaches can help athletes get to the right state of mind by removing as much stress to perform as possible. The pressure to perform is burdensome and can impair an athletes physical ability. Stress will always be there, but we want to eliminate sources of negative stress that can be a part of competition. The swimmers at this point already want to do well. That is stress enough. Our job as coaches and parents now is to make them as comfortable as possible so they can keep their mind in the right spot. The swimmers have to know that failure is ok, and that it is part of the learning process. The fear of failure is where many athletes get into trouble. They become so scared of the outcome that they stress themselves out of a good race or potentially an entire weekend. Very rarely will you see our coaches upset with the athletes because of a bad performance, we try to use temporary setbacks as an opportunity to learn and improve the next time. Swimmers should instead focus on the process necessary to reach their goals. Warm ups, warm downs, when to eat, when to drink, when to lay down when to cheer, when to listen to music, etc. All are part of a routine that swimmers should have to help them take their minds off the stress of competition. If you happen to see your swimmer with a “dear in the headlights look”, keep it simple ask them if they are hungry, thirsty, or cold and recommend they go talk to their coaches or go for a swim in the warm up pool. Redirecting their attention away from the desired outcome is the best way for an athlete to reach their desired outcome. Focus on the process to swim fast, not swimming fast. We cannot predict the future, we can only control our direction at the moment to get where we want to go.


Let’s Get Ready to Race!



Friday- Timed Finals, all age groups @ 12:45pm

Saturday and Sunday-

Prelims: 13 & Ov- 7:15-8:15am

                12 & Un- 8-8:45am

Finals: TBA (approx 4pm)


Remember, this is a Championship Meet. All Swimmers are expected to warm up and cheer on each other at Finals as a team regardless of whether or not they make an individual Finals Swim. Swimmers and Parents alike will learn more from watching finals. You will learn the expectations of the sport faster and what it takes to make it to the next level. Swimmers will also will have a chance to watch the elite swimmers on their own team compete and will then more closely associate themselves with those swimmers and the team and those higher level performances.


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