2019 WZ Age Group Championship 10&U Relays Update


To:   LSC General Chairs

        LSC Age Group Zone Meet Contacts 


From:   Dale Ammon, WZ Director, Non-Coach

              Sean Redmond, WZ Director, Coach


Re:  Change to Event format at the WZ Age Group Zone Meet for 2019

After careful consideration of the process by which we made a change to the meet format for the 2019 Western Zone (WZ) Age Group Championship, we are asking your support as we move forward today to rescind a vote we made at the 2019 Western Zone HOD meeting as this agenda item, and ultimately the decision, was an out of order decision based on the WZ Policies and Procedures.  

The Situation:  At the WZ Business meeting (8/10/2018) it was decided and voted upon that we remove the current 10&U 400 M Relays from the meet format as a way to shorten the amount of competition time each day.  There was discussion, consideration, and voting about possible alternatives, but the meeting ended with the participating LSC’s voting to have the 10&U 400M relays removed for the 2019 format.  This was part of the meeting decisions/minutes that was moved forward to the Convention WZ HOD meeting for ratification or overturn decision. At the HOD Meeting, it was the WZ HOD decision to approve the Business Meeting Minutes.

Then, at HOD Meeting it was introduced on the agenda to vote to add 10 & Under Mixed Relays to the WZ Age Group Meet.  After our post-hoc review of the meeting and based on WZ Policies and Procedures, this was an out of order motion to put before the WZ HOD.  This is a decision that should come from the business committee meeting associated with the WZ Age Group Meet and the only effort that can come from HOD on these recommendations is either an approval of those minutes or a vote of 2/3 of HOD to overturn approval of those minutes and decisions.

In Summary;

1)  The 10&U 400M relays as swum in the 2018 meet will be eliminated for the 2019 WZAG Meet Format. 

2)  The 10&U mixed 200M relays will not be added to the 2019 WZAG Meet Format.

These decisions uphold the WZ Policies & Procedures regarding meet format changes and other recommendations submitted for WZ HOD ratification by those present at the 2018 WZ Business Meeting, held on 08/10/18 in conjunction with the 2018 WZAG Championships.