Senior Champs Meet Information (Psych)

Senior Champs Meet Information


Thursday - Sunday

February 28 - March 3, 2019



Rosen YMCA Aquatic Center

8422 International Drive

Orlando, FL 32819


Travel Team Info at the end of this email.


Psych Sheet

Timeline TBA


Warm Ups


Thursday - 3:50pm (relay only 4:50pm)

Friday - TBA

Saturday - TBA

Sunday - TBA


Finals - 3:50pm


Team Apparel

As usual, if you elect to wear a cap it MUST be a Storm Swim Club team cap.


Thursday - White

Friday - Navy

Friday Finals - Championship Shirt

Saturday - Yellow

Saturday Finals - Try Not To Suck Shirt

Sunday - Royal

Sunday Finals - Championship Shirt


Relay Teams


Relay assignments are tentative.  If swimmers are hot or cold coaches will adjust the relays accordingly.  


Thursday Afternoon

Women 800 Free

Men 800 Free

1. Emma Chestang

1. Ian Cooper

2. Lexi Smith

2. Jacob Coutant

3. Amelia Kondal

3. Michael Morton

4. Summer Stanfield

4. Aidan Henry

Friday Morning

Women 200 Free

Men 200 Free 

1. Summer Stanfield

1. Ian Cooper

2. Lexi Smith

2. Mason Campbell

3. Amelia Tayag

3. Dominic Miller

4. Emma Chestang

4. Jacob Coutant


Men 200 Free B


  1. Michael Morton


2. Aidan Henry


3. Nicky Tayag


4. Nate Pollitt

Friday Night

Women 400 Medley

Men 400 Medley 


BK Dominic Miller


BR Nicky Tayag


FL Jacob Coutant


FR Ian Cooper

Saturday Morning

Women 200 Medley

Men 200 Medley A

BK Amelia Tayag

BK Dominic Miller

BR Kelsie Craig

BR Nicky Tayag

FL Summer Stanfield

FL Jacob Coutant

FR Emma Chestang

FR Ian Cooper


Men 200 Medley B


BK Mason Campbell


BR Michael Panariello


FL Michael Morton


FR Aidan Henry

Saturday Night

Women 400 Free

Men 400 Free A

1. Summer Stanfield

1. Ian Cooper

2. Emma Chestang

2. Dominic Miller

3. Lexi Smith

3. Michael Morton

4. Amelia Tayag

4. Jacob Coutant


Men 400 Free B


1. Mason Campbell


2. Aidan Henry


3. Nicky Tayag


4. Nate Pollitt


Travel Team



Quality Inn
8300 Jamaican Ct

Orlando, FL 32819


Room Assignments


Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Mason Campbell

Roger LaRue

Amelia Kondal

Ashton Cardinal

John Hulvey

Avery Sargeant

Nicky Tayag


Lexi Smith

Michael Morton (2 Nights)


Summer Stanfield

Ty LaRue


Amelia Tayag




Breakfasts - Continental Breakfasts provided at the hotel 


Lunches - We will do a publix run.  Fridge and microwave in the room.  Get supplies to eat at the hotel.


Dinners - We will go out for dinner, various restaurants in walking distance.  Please bring cash or card for dinners.



$130 per swimmer


Travel Itinerary (Pick up and drop off)


Thursday - 

12:40pm Pick up at Winn-Dixie Parking Lot off of CR210.


Sunday - 

9:30pm Drop of at Winn-Dixie Parking Lot off of CR210


(If you would like to bring your swimmer home from Orlando on Sunday, please just let Coach John know by Sunday morning).


What to Pack


Please bring a folding chair, your swim bag, and a hotel bag.  Try and pack light, but we should have space.  All bags will be in Coach John’s truck bed (covered) for the drive down.