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2019 OSI Arena SC 11-14 Championship Recap

2019 OSI Arena SC 11-14 Championship Recap


Thursday night started with a bang with Alice Yueh winning the 14 year old 1650 and Diego Nosack having a great race coming in 2ndfor the boys 14yr.  The excitement got their relay teams ready and both the Girls and the Boys won the 800free relays with 3 of the boys dipping under the 1:50 mark!


On Friday, we had a good showing in the backstrokes with Chris Hu, Adam Li, Kevin Yu, Paige Luc, Frankie Sanger, Andrew Ignatescu, Natalie Young and Kevin Lei all making it back to finals.  The 200IM was next and we had a few sneaking in with our best swim by Thomas Downey who dropped over 4 seconds to place 4th.  The sprinters in the 50 free stepped it up.  The 11 year old boys had 4 make it back to finals with Seohyun Kim leading the pack placing 3rd.  Willa Kayfes and Kevin Yu also placed 3rdfor 12 year olds.  The 100 butterfly had two top 3 finishers. Cadie Johnston (3rd) and Stephanie Lee (2nd), but the biggest smiles came when Natalie Fernstrom stepped up in her morning swim and achieved her first ever age group regional cut and placed 6that night improving her time. The 500 frees were the last swims of the day.  With crickets chirping due to the lack of people there by the end of finals, it didn’t stop our group from performing at their best.  14yr old: Alice Yueh (3rd), Elisabeth Sanger (5th) Natalie Young (6th), Kevin Lei (6th), Jaiyoun Choi (8th).  13 yr old: Stephanie Lee (6th), Andrew Ignatescu (3rd).  12yr: Ally Webster (4th), Kevin Yu (3rd), Sebastian Cordova (6th).  11 yr olds: Riley Blackhurst (4th), Leo Neirynck (3rd) with a first ever AGR cut, Sean Neirynck (5th) and Suiyao Li 6th!


Saturday night started off better with THSC winning and taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4thand 5thin the 11yr old 50 breast! Teammates Thomas Downey, Julien Lee, Seohyun Kim, Ian Xia and Sean Neirynck battled for first place! Elaine Lee  placed 3rdin the 200 breast for the 13 year old girls. In the 100 backstroke, we had one top 3 finisher; David Romashenko (3rd) for 11y boys. In the 13 yr. boys, both Frankie and Andrew were close to dipping under the 1:00 mark…next time!  The 200 freestyle had a few good swims with a nice surprise for Michael Strigul dipping under the 2:00 mark for the first time. At night, Stephanie Lee won the 13 yr girls and in the 14 yr age group, Alice Yueh placed first with her summer sr. sectional cut of 1:54.83!  Not having relays at night made it another quiet finish in finals with the 400IM.  Katherine Adams, Natalie Young, Natalie Young, Natalie Fernstrom, Stephanie Lee, Frankie Sanger and Andrew Ignatescu all scored points for the team in this event.


Sunday always begins with relays…
Our 11-12 girls and boys both scored 3rd.  The 13-14 girls stepped it up with an exciting race to win the 400 free relay and the boys raced to a 2ndplace finish.  Due to a questionable DQ, we had 4 of our 5, 11 year old, boys make it back to finals where they managed to place 1stthrough 4th. Julien Lee coming up as the champion in a best time of 1:14.18. Our 12 year old girls had a good showing with Willa Kayfes, Cadie Johnston and Misaki Kimijima making it back to finals. The 200 butterfly was fun to watch. 2 of our 12 year olds Ava Perella and Albert Yuan both achieved their SCY AGR cuts, but the best heat to watch was the 14 year old girls who had 4 qualifying for finals, and on the boys side Theron Pappas made his first ever finals at the meet!  In the 100 free, we saw a champion emerge when Stephanie Lee stepped up and won coming from behind with one of the strongest finishes of the meet. Alice Yueh stepped up in the 2ndto last heat of the night and tore down the house with her close finish winning the 100 free for the 14 year old girls.


Over the weekend we saw some great leadership from Kevin Lei and Cadie Johnston who gathered the troops to cheer on the team. Thank you!

Congratulations to our Champions!

Alice Yueh

Stephanie Lee

Thomas Downey

Julien Lee

Congratulations to the swimmers who made it back to finals in all 6 of their events:
Christopher Hu
Andrew Ignetescu
Stephanie Lee
Kevin Lei
Frankie Sanger
Kevin Yu

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