SRST: Age Group Regional Relays First Draft

Age Group Regional Relays First Draft:  CLICK HERE


  1. This is a first draft and there may be errors.
  2. All swimmers should check to see if they are on a relay (even if you don't have an individual Age Group Regional qualifying time).
  3. If you feel you have a time that is not in the system that would put you in a relay let me know ASAP.
  4. All updates will be communicated via email.
  5. Swimmers need to email Coach Ben ASAP to confirm they CAN/CAN'T swim their relay.
  6. As usual....I can't tell you if we are in prelims or finals.  This is not determined until the entries are all submitted.  This means that when you confirm you can swim the relay you can come no matter when the relay is....AM or PM.
  7. If you are on a relay, but you don't have individual qualifying times, please note that you can swim time trials.  This is your option as a "relay only swimmer".
  8. Relays are subject to change pending "last chance meets".