Swim-A-Thon Package Information

Details on how to create a Swim-A-Thon account can be found here: 

What is Swim-A-Thon?

  • Swim-A-Thon is CMSA’s single largest fundraiser each year. Monies raised will be used toward facility and technology improvements at both the Bishop State and Providence locations. 


  • Swim-A-Thon is a fundraiser where swimmers earn money for CMSA by swimming lengths of the pool.


  • Swimmers get flat donations from family, friends, neighbors, businesses, etc. prior to the Swim-A-Thon 



When and where is Swim-A-Thon?

  • It will be held Saturday March 30th at the Bishop State pool, with all swimmers from Bishop State and Providence locations taking part. It will be held from 8-10 a.m.



What will we do at the Swim-A-Thon?

  • Athletes will swim then eat!  We will have food for everyone after the kids swim.


  • Requests for food and drink donations will be sent out soon, so be on the lookout to help with this too if you can.



How do we raise money for Swim-A-Thon?

  • Go to www.swimcmsa.com and set up a personal website for your swimmer, and send the link to family and friends via email. Then watch the donations roll in!  See directions on how to set up your Team Unify Giving website on page 5 of this packet. 


  • Pledge Form Letters – Mail out pledge letters to everyone you know, if you choose not to send out emails. Relatives and friends are great for sending pledge letters. A sample of the pledge form letter can be found in this packet.


  • Corporate Matching* – Matching gift programs are charitable giving programs set up by corporations in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations. For example, if someone donating to the Swim-A-Thon works for Allstate and donates $250 to a nonprofit organization, Allstate will then match the donation and write a check for $250 to the same organization. 


*Note: This process can take several weeks to process depending upon the corporation.

Any checks received after April 15 will not be calculated into the Swim-A-Thon prize




How do I win prizes?

  • Each swimmer will have the opportunity to seek donations individually to earn prizes. Individual prizes will be awarded at different levels. There will also be opportunities for Grand Prizes for the top overall fundraisers.


How much money does my swimmer need to raise?

  • The goal for each family is $225, which is the annual CMSA family assessment. 


What if my child cannot attend the Swim-A-Thon?

  • Coaches will count your laps in practice leading up to the event to make sure you get your 200 laps. Everyone who receives donations will be eligible for prizes.


What is the deadline for turning in donations?

  • The deadline for turning in donations is April 15. Team Unify online donations will end at midnight on April 15.



When and where can I turn in my donation envelope?

If you receive checks or cash pledges they should be turned in to your coach at either the Bishop State or Providence site or contact Travis Everette (tweverette@gmail.com / 251-753-1843) to set up a pick up time. Reminder – all contributions are tax deductible and CMSA’s Tax ID is #63-0759572. Checks need to be payable to CMSA.


Note: If you are watching donation totals online, offline donations from pledge letters and envelope collections will me manually entered and may not be instantly updated online.


When will winners be announced?

  • Swim-A-Thon winners will be announced after all collections are received and    recorded – around April 19.


What if I have questions?




How to Set Up Your Personal Fundraising Page on Team Unify


  • All swimmers will need to create a Team Unify online webpage at for the 2019 Swim-A-Thon. If your child participated last year, historic information is still available and you can edit it. 


  • Log into the CMSA web site at www.swimcmsa.com. Click on the Swim-A-Thon logo on the top or left side of the page. In the dropdown box select the appropriate    swimmer. 


  • Click on the ‘Setup’ tab and enter a personalized message and you can upload a picture of your swimmer. This should be repeated for each of your swimmers.


  • Click on next tab over, click ‘Promote’ and then click ’Enter e-mails.’ Either you can import your e-mail contacts by clicking on the ‘Easy Import’ button, or you can    enter e-mails one-by-one by clicking on the ‘Invite List’ tab. 


  • On the ‘Invite List’ tab, select all the contacts you want to send a message, then click on ‘Email Selected’. It is easiest to select a template from the dropdown menu and then alter that message. A link to your donation page will be provided, so don’t delete that part of the message. It is how potential donors can click directly to make a donation on your child’s page.


  • Once your message is ready, click on ‘Email Now’ and watch donations come rolling in. 


  • The default goal for each family is $225.


  • Need some help? Contact Travis Everette via email tweverette@gmail.com or call 251-753-1843. He can answer any questions or concerns regarding the fundraiser.





How to Fill Out Pledge Form Letters


  • Customize the sample pledge letter below. 


  • Enter the donor’s name at the top of the letter, sign your name at the bottom, and add a personal note.


  • Fill in your fundraising goal and add the link for your Team Unify Online Donation Account.


  • Place the letter in an envelope. If you would like, you can send them a self-addressed stamped envelope for people to remit their donation. Sometimes this is an incentive for them to give.


  • Place postage on your envelopes.


  • Drop them in the mail to your friends and family.



Designated Drop Off Dates & Locations:

Donations (cash or check) can be turned in to your swimmer’s coach at the Bishop State or Providence locations or by contacting Travis Everette (tweverette@gmail.com / 251-753-1843) for a pick up.  Contributions are tax deductible – Tax ID# 63-0759572 ; make sure checks are made out to CMSA.


Note:  All pledge form donations must be returned to you or your child. Please turn in    donations in a collection envelope at any designated drop-off location no later than April 15th.






Sample Swim-A-Thon Pledge Letter

**Make sure to include the link to your online account & your personal fundraising goal**



Dear _______________________________________________,


I am helping my swim team, the City of Mobile Swim Association (CMSA), build a stronger team and I am asking for your support. CMSA has made a huge difference in my life. Through swimming, I have learned the power of discipline, teamwork, and setting goals. I especially enjoy the fun that comes when all three of these traits are encouraged by great coaches. Our coaches make swimming an activity that builds character for life.


CMSA is a premier swim club with 40 years of history in the Mobile area. Our club is nationally-ranked as one of the top 60 swim teams in the USA, and supports the personal development of each individual swimmer.


That is why I am swimming in CMSA’s Swim-A-Thon on March 30th. I will try to swim as many laps as        possible (200 max).  That is a lot of swimming, but it’s for a great cause - continuing our success as a swim club, and developing great swimmers for years to come.


Your pledge will help me meet my personal goal of $_____ and help CMSA raise $20,000 towards a stronger future.


The easiest way for you to make a contribution is online at <insert the link to your Team Unify account here>. It is a secure website where you can donate any amount you desire to our club.


If you would rather give by check or cash simply use the form below and mail it back to me. Whichever way you choose to give, please know you are giving to an organization that has made a huge difference in my life.


All contributions are tax deductible – Tax ID# 63-0759572 make sure checks are made out to CMSA.  Thank you for helping me to reach my goal!


(Cut on line and return form below)

Donations are due by April 15th






YES! I will donate.  I have enclosed a check (made out to CMSA) for a fixed donation in the amount of:


_____$25         _____$50         _____$100       Other Amount: $_________    Check# ______



My Name: __________________________________________________________________


I am donating in honor of CMSA swimmer: __________________________________________