SRST: About the swim meets...

Hello SRST Family,

I want to let you all know that I'm very disapointed in the swim meet situation for March.  I didn't realize it until late in the game, but the Showdown Meet now has time standards.  In the past the final championship of the season was always open to everyone.  It was nice to tell people that no matter how fast you are you have a championship meet in March....we can't say that anymore.  There are a couple months now where PNS does a pretty bad job of providing opportunity for new/developing swimmers.

I'm going to evaluate the schedule and going into 2019-2020 potentially create some meets that we would host at SAC to provide an opportunity for ALL SWIMMERS to participate.  I think there is definitely a lot of teams that would really appreciate this.  

So I'm sorry our swimmers without qualifying times are out of a meet this month.  Your next opportunity will be the Marysville meet in April.  I will work on trying to solve this problem (to the best of my ability pending pool availability) going into next season.  I envision more meets at SAC to serve the needs of ALL SWIMMERS.


Coach Ben