SRST: Championship Meet Relay Update

Attention Team,

I'm working on relays now for both Age Group Regionals and Sectionals.  Here are some important notes:

  1. I need people to review now and not wait until the last second to let me know you can/can't swim.  Please send me your YES/NO reply ASAP for all relays assigned.
  2. The TeamUnify System we use for meet entries only grabs the fastest swimmers to make relays.  It does not scan the database for actual relays swam that may have been under the qualifying time.  One of our Super Moms Kendall Chesley caught this (shout out!!!), so I looked in USA Swimming which does pull actual relays and we were able to pick up two extra relays for Age Group Regionals (these will not show in the meet info linked above):

    13-14 Boys 400 F.R. - Garrett, Keegan, Noah, Kaiu
    11-12 Boys 200 F.R. - Ilya, Augustine, Christian, Brendan

    Members of the above relays will need to email Coach Ben with a YES/NO.
  3. I can GUARANTEE there will be a lot of changes and some relays may not happen due to the initial responses I've got back.  So, please be watching for updates.  The first update will happen right after the WEST Last Chance Meet this weekend.  Then next update of course will be after the BBST meet.

Thanks for helping me get these relays organized.  If you see your buddy is on a relay with you urge them to respond to Coach Ben ASAP so we can finalize our relays and be ready to go.


Coach Ben