Banquet & Swim A Thon!!! Ticket Sales Close March 8th!

Our Banquet & Swim A Thon are right around the corner! Ticket Sales Close Friday March 8th!!!

We are excited to announce that our Banquet will be off site this year at Colonial Hall at Rockafellas in Salem!!! (231 Essex St, Salem, MA) The Banquet is for ALL of our swimmers and their families from our Lil'Lochs, to our Senior Swimmers and everyone in between!

The Banquet will take place Sunday March 24th from 4pm-7pm and will include a Slide Show, Awards, Dinner and Dancing!

As we have to have a final number for the venue tickets must be purchased through the front desk by the end of the day Friday March 8th! This is a family event and we hope all swimmers will be able to attend along with their Siblings and Parents. As this is a semi formal event swimmers and families will be expected to dress up.

Tickets: $30 Adult, $15 Siblings, and $1 Swimmer


Our Swim A Thon fundraiser will be taking place earlier in the day before the Banquet. Packets will be handed out next week.

JCCNS Sea Serpents

6thAnnual Swim-a-Thon

Sunday, March 24th

Sea Serpents swimmers are raising money for the team in the 2019 Swim-a-Thon! We’re asking swimmers to get pledges from family, friends, neighbors and businesses to support the fundraiser.  Donors can pledge a certain amount of money per length, or make a flat contribution.  Last year, we raised more than $12,000 dollars, which we used to purchase two new touch pads, timing system maintenance, flippers, pull buoys, Championship T Shirts, ribbons, pizza for outings / parties, banquet expenses and a large portion was put aside towards a Brand New Score Board! We will be using this year’s funds raised towards the installation or the new score board which we expect to have installed soon, Banquet expenses, and two more touch pads. We will also use the money for smaller items such as ribbons, pizza for our parties, and Championship T Shirts.

The Swim-a-Thon starts at 11:00am with groups of the team having staggered start times listed below. USA A/S swimmers will be required to stay and count for the lower groups of team and USA B swimmers will be required to come in early to count for USA A and Senior.  If your swimmer cannot attend the Swim-a-Thon as scheduled, make-up days will be available.  Each group of the swim team will be assigned a certain number of lengths to complete. Bagels will be provided for our counters.


Practice Group

Swim-a-Thon Lengths

Start Time


10 (250 yards)


Olympic Way

10-40 (250-1000 yards)



40 (1000 yards)



66 (1 mile)



120 (3,000)



200 (5,000)



2 Hour Swim



All swimmers will receive a ribbon acknowledging their completion of the lengths. The top male and female fundraisers will receive a special Sea Serpent Prize!  Also, the swim team group that raises the most money will receive a private pool party.  USA Swimming also provides additional awards to swimmers fundraising over $300, including Swim-a-Thon swim caps, t-shirts and hoodies.  

Make checks payable to the JCC of the North Shore, indicating that is for the Swim-a-Thon. Hand in all completed materials to Head Coach Ashley Vieira. Questions? You can contact Ashley at


Looking Forward to an Awesome Banquet and Swim A Thon!!!