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Swimfo Feb 27th


We have been crushing it at the championship meets and having fun going out there and competing to be our best.  We are looking to keep it up at all the upcoming meets!  Competition isn’t about status or crushing someone and being better then them.  To compete is based in the latin to COM (Together) – PETERE (To Strive or Seek).  When we step up on the blocks to racing we are doing so all together, to find OUR BEST, and help others to be THEIR BEST! 

Molalla will NOT have any practices today.  Due to the snow and temperatures dropping late we will be having Oregon City practices from 3:00 – 6:00.  There will be NO LATE-NOVICE, LATE-EXPLORE, or LATE-SPRINT.  If you can get them to the pool for Early Novice, Explore, and Sprint we’ll be having practice.  Challenge, Race, Train and Perform will also have practice.  Temperatures will warm-up by 2:00 but will likely start dropping again after 6:00. 


  • We’re doing an OFFICIALS training class this Saturday, at the OC Pool from 8:30 – 10:30.  If your swimmers are Explore or above think about checking this class out and seeing how the rules of the sport are managed.  This is a great way to help athletes grow, learn about the sport, and become a part of a great group of parents keeping the sport of swimming alive and healthy!  Email me at if you are coming so we can have enough print outs for you.   
  • There are also sign-ups to learn about what ET is at the meet.  We need help with ET's bad, as right now we only have two on the team and I had to reach out to multiple other teams (including teams that aren't in our meet) to get help with this.   
  • Click Home meet volunteer help to see where we could use your help.  Looks like we are going to do concessions!  Thanks a TON to Linh Tran and Michelle Schmidt!  PLEASE SIGN-UP to help!!  We need everyone helping and many hands make light work.  If you have a RACE, TRAIN, or PERFORM swimmer that is not competing in the meet then sign them up for a shift to help with concessions, timing or something else. 
  • Fitter Faster Swim Clinic on April 6th& 7that the Parkrose Pool. Saturday Afternoon or Evening: Starts, UW’s and Breakouts.  Sunday Morning or Midday: Butterfly and Backstroke.  Feel free to sign up  here.  
  • We're going to be doing team Stroke & Turn Clinics at the OC pool 9:20 – 10:50 on Saturdays April 6th(Breastroke & Open turns), 13th(Freestyle & Flip turns) & 20th(Butterfly & Backstroke). 
  • Key DATES:  
    • March 2nd– Donuts and Coffee Get Together: Everything you ever wanted to know about OCST, Team Unify, What’s a heat sheet & more! 
    • March 18th– Board meeting at OC Pool 6:00 – 7:00  
    • April 27th- Swim-A-Thon.   
    • July 30th  - Team awards. 


Coach Matt