A Championship information
Looking forward to lots of best times this weekend at A Championships.
Championship tees will be handed out soon, on their way to us.
Still have a few volunteer positions not filled, please check the sign up on our website.
Here are the times for A Championship this weekend, click HERE to get a list of events for swimmers.
Events # 101-199 are Friday
Events # 201–299 are Saturday
Events # 301-399 are Sunday
Friday evening at Powel Crosley YMCA– warm ups – 4:30 – 5:20 PM Timers/officials meetings – 5:00 PM
Meet start time – 5:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday Morning and Afternoon at M.E. Lyons YMCA
Saturday AM
Meet starts 8:00am: for 11 and over swimmer
Warm up - 7:25-7:50am
Lanes 1-5 Deep BASH
Sunday AM Meet starts 7:45am: for 11 and over swimmer
Warm up -6:45-7:10am
Lanes 1-5 Deep End   BASH
Saturday PM Meet starts 1:15pm: for 10 and under swimmer
Warm Up 12:20-12:45 BASH shallow all 6 lanes
Sunday PM Meet Starts 1:30pm: for 10 and under swimmers
12:20-12:45PM BASH Shallow- 6 lanes
Meeting Times for Volunteers:
Saturday AM
Officials 7:30 am (near indoor pool)
Timers 7:30 am (on deck near timing stand)
Meet starts 8:00 am
Sunday AM
Officials 7:15am (Near indoor pool)
Timers 7:15am (on deck near timing stand)
Meet Starts 7:45am
Saturday PM 
Officials 12:45 pm (near indoor pool)
Timers 12:45 pm (on deck)
Meet starts 1:15 pm
Sunday PM
Officials 1:10pm (Near indoor pool)
Timers Meeting 1:10pm (By the timing stand)
Meet Start 1:30pm
Finals – For 11 and over Swimmers only - Saturday and Sunday   - At Powel Crosley YMCA
Warmups:  4:45 to 6:10 PM
Timers/officials meetings – 5:45 PM
Meet start time – 6:20 PM