Practice Times Reminder

With Guppies starting back this week I just wanted to remind everyone of our Friday practice schedule.

Guppies 4-4:45pm

Bronze - No practice

Silver 4-5:00pm

Titanium 5-6:00pm

Gold & SR 5-6:30pm

Saturday - Regular practice schedule all groups.

Monday - Titanium, Gold, SR 6:30-7:30am

Tuesday through Thursday  - ALL Groups normal schedule

Friday - Guppies 4-4:45, Silver 4-5:00pm, Titanium, Gold, SR 5-6:00pm

Saturday - Swim Meet - No Practice

Monday, March 11 - No Practice

Remider the team will be taking a Spring Break starting March 14th and practices will resume on March 21st. We have a couple fun things planned to end our 2018/19 Short Course Season before we leave for Spring Break.

March 12, Tuesday - Fun Practice Day - Bronze & Silver 4:00-5:00pm, Titanium, Gold, SR 5:00-6:00pm

March 13, Wednesday - Guppies 3-3:45pm

March 13, Wednesday - ALL GROUPS - End of Season Pizza Party at pool 5-6:00pm.  $5 per person please RSVP on the website so we know how much pizza to order.

March 14, Thursday Spring Break begins.

March 21 - All Groups resume normal practice schedule

March 30 - Ping Pong Meet at Atlantic Beach Country Club.  This meet is for swimmers of all ages but it geared towards our newer or novice swimmers.  It is a small fun meet and a great way to introduce our newer swimmers to competitions.  This meet is appropriate for swimmers in Bronze, Silver, & Titanium.  Our Guppy Swimmers that are able to swim the full 25 yards can also attend this meet, it will be good experience as I know many of you are planning to join the Summer Team.