February Board Meeting Minutes


Wednesday, January 27, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 6:08 by president, Nathan Hehr.  Nathan Hehr, Jon Buseman, Lisa Cole, Yvonne Degraw, Amy Halverson, Sara Korthals, Aggie Lien, Matt Murray, and Brian Stroup were present.


Celebrations – We had two swimmers attend the Short Couse Senior State Meet.  They were Ryan Korthals and August Davidson.  We had three swimmers attend the Short Course Age-Group State Meet.  They were Aspen Cole, Lauryn Halverson, and Taylor Halverson.  Four NIS swimmers qualified for the High School State Meet:  August Davidson, Nick Litterer, Ben Hehr, and Randy Vaughn.  All four earned personal best swims.  Maverick Paulsen, Anders Bookmeyer, Keira Murry, Brynn Murray, Kayla Eide, and Lauryn Halverson qualified for the Silver’s Meet.  Every swimmer dropped time.

Report from NIS/Coaching Update – Matt talked to Miranda via text, and she is on board to coach as soon as we need her.  Matt will talk to her in more detail tonight after the meeting.  Ally is on board for coaching this summer as of the last time she was asked.  Amy Davidson has said she is available to fill in this summer.  We need to look into getting everyone properly certified.  Emails and inquires have been coming in regarding our spring/summer season from potential new members.

Treasurers Report – There is $10,118.93 in savings and $7,211.31 in checking.  Lisa made a motion to approve the report with a second from Brian.

Secretary Report – Matt made a motion to approve the minutes with a second from Aggi.

Swimming Safe Sport – Jon is going to reach our and see what is all involved with this.

Summer Practice and Home Meet – Nathan will talk to Eric about how to go about getting times and dates arranged.

Fundraising/Swim-a-Thon – The Swim-a-Thon was very successful.  We had a large number of club members participate.  Thanks to everyone that volunteered.  We have had $1,749 turned in so far.  A lot of organizations do Culver’s fundraisers twice a year.  We will pursue a second date for the summer. 

ISI Bid Meeting – Meet bids are due in March.  Someone needs to physically attend the meeting.  Matt will check his schedule to see if he is available. 

Summer Meet/Practice – Nathan spoke with Brian Pauly.  He said whatever we have done in the past for practice is fine.  Brian also approved our home meet weekend.  The pool is set to open on May 31st at this time.  Brian would like us in the water a week prior to stir up the water.  Brian wants us to follow up with whoever will manage the pool.  He would also like coaches contact information in the event he would need to get in touch with one of them.  We need to figure out how to get into the JAMS pool.  We’ve been locked out at times when the high school team isn’t practicing.  This could be a problem when we start up again this spring.    

Fliers for the Schools – Matt mocked up a “Try Us Out Camp” flier.  The board thought this was a great idea.  We will be holding this prior to the spring season. 

Spring Season – Registration will be open March 4th or shortly after.  Practice will begin on April 1st with the camp the week prior. 

Coaching Expectations – Matt mocked up a contract for the coaches.  All coaches will be required to sign the contract prior to the spring season. 

Banquet – The board decided to have the banquet in conjunction with the annual meeting in August.  We will have a pool night with a campout after and practice the following morning on a different night.      

New Pool Update – Nathan talked with Steve Hugo.  Steve has meet with an architect.  Since that time, Nathan talked to Barry Anderson, the Mason City Schools Athletic Director.  He said they have visited three pools for ideas.  The next step is to gather information and do a feasibility report for the new gym and pool.    

Next Board Meeting – The next meeting will be held on March 19th at 6:00 PM at the dental office.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Amy Halverson