GCSTO/Gahanna Sea Lions Discounts & Opportunities

Gahanna Sea Lions Summer League Team Opportunities

  If you are looking for a place to swim this summer with a summer league rec team please note that GCSTO owns and operates the Gahanna Sea Lions summer league team right there at the Gahanna Pool that we train at during the summers. You would need to be a member of Gahanna Pools and information on that can be found HERE. Single memberships (for just your swimmer) are available in addition to family memberships.

  You can see more about the Gahanna Sea Lions HERE. It's a low-key competitive opportunity that can be an absolute FUN time for the athletes. Meets are held on Wednesday nights for 3 hours with a 1-day Championship Meet held at the end of the season in mid-July. The Sea Lions not only have a swimming team but a diving team as well so if your athletes like to do both they can do so with the Sea Lions.

  Another great thing is that we offer discounts to those swimmers who are swimming GCSTO full-time during the summer who also want to swim with the Sea Lions. You can check out those discounts HERE

  Thanks for being a part of our TEAM. Spring (and summer) are coming quickly!!!