North A finals

Tonight was the first ever North A final.  I can't believe how successful it turned out.  I want to thank Parents, Coaches, Swimmers and the Trotwood facility. Everyone who participated deserves all my thanks!!!   Some people may not realize how the finals part of championships helps springboard swimmers to another level. Some kids, maybe it's there first prelim/final and builds more mental toughness. Others maybe they have a chance to win at a major meet without some swimmers who have national or zone cuts in the meet. Then they gain confidence and go on to beat some zone, national swimmers in the future. It takes time but is part of the process. There are many swimmers i can give examples of these things happening.  I feel we have a new wave of these swimmers blossoming after tonight.  

In my opinion the atmosphere was as good or better than High School Districts. People cheering and really getting into the meet really pushed kids to break through a barrier that they didn't know they could achieve. Some can take short cuts and still be good. But to be great this is the type environment that you want to be around!  Sure there are many thinking, " I could be doing something else".  But those who put in the time and energy will see the benifits.

Next I want to thank all the coaches and league members like coach Mickey who put in so much energy in making this final happen.Our timeline was 40 minutes faster than the Cincinnati site, with much better air quality.  I hope Sunday's final is just as successful.  Parents please know that us coaches understand how hard you work and are so very grateful.  Lastly I want to thank Eric and Nikki Turner for running such a great championship.  Some may not realize this but they are working every session, plus the work at home to make this happen. They also don't have a swimmer in the meet because their girls have too many AA's. That is some serious dedication! Let's keep the same attitude and going on again on Sunday!


Rock on SpyNation

Coach John Bishop