PVAC Practice - Mon., Mar 4 thru Sat., Mar. 9

Hi PVAC Swim Families -

Back to rain outside - cold outside & on deck - pool is 77 to 78 degrees in the water...Please plan your practice attendances based upon your personal choice...the PVAC coaches are there every evening.  If there's lightning (usually preceeded by thunder) - we are required to stop, get out of the pool & off the pool deck.  We wait for 20-30 minutes to see if there's additional lightning - if none - we get back in the pool.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday:  5:30pm - Green, Silver, Gold, Senior, Adult Groups

Tuesday/Thursday:  5:30pm - Green, Silver, Gold, Senior Groups

Saturday:  7:30am - Silver, Gold, Senior & HIGH SCHOOL GROUP

REMINDER:  March monthly dues checks are due - please bring them to the practice and turn them in to Coach Mike.  You may mail them to:  PVAC, P. O. Box 4434, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA  90274

Have a great week everyone!