Meet Recap: Pacific Committee Championships

It is that time of year for FAST SWIMMING…and meet recaps :) The Pacific Committee Championship swimmers started us off on the right foot as we prepare for three weeks of FAST SWIMMING for all groups! Below is the meet recap for Pac Comm; RW Finale, Sectionals, and JOs will be to follow in the coming weeks! KEEP IT GOING BEACH CITIES SWIMMING!


Evan Brutscher-  Leading up to PAC Champs Evan has been working really hard, and it showed at the meet. Evan dropped time and made it back to finals in ALL of his events. Evan also achived a Wag, Jag, Summer J.O cut in his 50 Free taking  5th overall. Though he ages up before those meets, that is an achievement in itself.

Jake Everitt- Jake had phenomenal swims at the PAC Champs meet. Jake made it back to finals in all of his events except one. A swim that stood out to me was the 50y Breastroke where Jake dropped 4 seconds and made it back to finals taking 8th overall! 


Amelia Tucker-  Amelia did really well at PAC Champs. Before the meet, she was pumped and focused for champs! At the meet, the focus and excitement showed. She dropped times in her 50y Free and in her 50y Breast, and made it back to finals in both events! She finished 16th Overall in the 50y free, and finished 12th overall in the 50y Breastroke!

The three Beach 2 swimmers who swam at PAC Champs worked really hard towards this meet. I'm proud not only on how they performed at the meet, but especially the attitude they had, and the effort they gave at practices leading up Champs! 



I am so proud of how all of the swimmers of Beach 3 and Senior 2 handled themselves and the weather at Pacific Committee Champs this year.  There were first time Spring JO qualifiers, new Summer JO cuts (some for new age brackets), and countless best times.

Eryn Arnold (83 points)-5 best times/1st time Spring JO qualifier/Top 8 in all 6 events

Anderson Bennett- 2 best times

Topher DelaCruz (68 points)-4 best times/4 Top 8 finishes/2 more Top 16

Jordan Kisiler- 3 best times

Finleigh Pogson-5 best times

Skyler Rothschild-6 best times

Pierce Ryan-5 best times

Chiyo Shirakata- 4 best times

Crystal Yang- 6 best times

Daniel Zimmerman (49 points)- 3 best times/1st time Spring JO qualifier/Top 3 in all 3 events/2 new Summer JO cuts



Big weekend for the Beach 4 group with 9 new Spring JO cuts by 3 different athletes (Kotaro BellKaela Hashimoto and Thomas Romesser)!  Shout out to Kotaro Bell, Hailey Fiallos, Chloe Haddad, Kaela Hashimoto and Kayla Kinsey for achieving new personal bests in every individual race!  Plenty of other HUGE drops, as all athletes achieved at least one new personal best time.  Great effort, team!

Jordan Barash (11-12 Girls)
100 Back - 27th 1:16.70 (-0.15)
100 Free - 42nd 1:09.85 (-1.71)
100 IM - 30th 1:18.31
50 Fly - 19th 32.87
50 Free - 37th 31.41

Kotaro Bell (9-10 Boys)
100 Breast - 4th 1:32.16p (-5.09)
100 Free - 2nd 1:07.84 (-4.25)
100 IM - 3rd 1:18.16p (-2.06)  Spring JO!
200 IM - 2nd 2:45.73p (-6.34) Spring JO!
50 Free - 1st 29.83p (-1.24) Spring JO!

Farah Bowles (11-12 Girls)
100 Breast - 16th 1:24.69p (-0.58)
100 Free - 31st 1:07.24 (-1.47)
100 IM - 26th 1:17.72 (-2.55)
200 Free - 22nd 2:23.64 (-8.55)
200 IM - 22nd 2:46.51
50 Breast - 20th 40.13 (-0.55)

K.K. Capili (11-12 Girls)
100 Back - 34th 1:21.56
100 Breast - 45th 1:32.62 (-0.71)
100 Free - 47th 1:11.11
100 IM - 48th 1:21.16
50 Fly - 43rd 35.37
50 Free - 43rd 31.82

Mikaela D’Adamo (11-12 Girls)
100 Fly - 3rd 1:27.15 (-1.97)
100 Free - 16th 1:16.32p (-4.67)
200 Free - 8th 2:44.94p
200 IM - 3rd 3:02.48p (1.51)
50 Fly - 4th 38.23p
50 Free - 19th 35.14

Eva DelaCruz (11-12 Girls)
100 Breast - 15th 1:24.03p
100 Free - 41st 1:09.61 (-0.82)
100 IM - 28th 1:18.19
200 IM - 21st 2:45.71
50 Breast - 15th 37.74
50 Free - 35th 31.37 (-0.07)

Hailey Fiallos (11-12 Girls)
100 Breast - 42nd 1:31.60 (-3.08)
100 Free - 39th 1:08.69 (-1.17)
50 Fly - 16th 32.84p (-0.76)...blasted 31.73 in a swim-off!

Chloe Haddad (11-12 Girls)
100 Back - 39th 1:22.63 (-0.63)
100 Breast - 21st 1:25.26 (-3.94)
100 Free - 45th 1:10.21 (-1.50)
100 IM - 43rd 1:19.88 (-0.19)
50 Breast - 27th 40.64 (-1.44)
50 Fly - 55th 36.60 (-1.80)

Kaela Hashimoto (9-10 Girls)
100 Free - 2nd 1:09.98 (-2.93)
200 Free - 4th 2:30.94 (-1.30)
50 Back - 2nd 36.18 (-2.10)  Spring JO!
50 Breast - 1st 41.39 (-0.01)
50 Free - 4th 32.00p (-0.80)

Ethan Hott (11-12 Boys)
100 Fly - 8th 1:13.75p
100 Free - 11th 1:04.55p (-1.32)
200 Free - 8th 2:18.42p (-4.87)
200 IM - 14th 2:38.58 (-10.70)
50 Fly - 12th 32.85p (-2.07)
50 Free - 8th 27.98p (-1.69)

Kayla Kinsey (11-12 Girls)
100 Breast - 13th 1:23.31 (-1.18)
100 Fly - 15th 1:11.87p (-3.01)
100 Free - 10th 1:02.09 (-3.54)
200 Free - 15th 2:21.60 (-2.13)
200 IM - 9th 2:36.40 (-4.90)
50 Free - 5th 28.23p (-0.75)

Franco Lee (11-12 Boys)
100 IM - 5th 1:09.42p
200 Breast - 3rd 2:38.50p (-1.46)
200 Free - 6th 2:16.68
200 IM - 4th 2:26.93p (-1.21)
50 Free - 5th 27.94p (-0.69)
500 Free - 2nd 5:50.63 (-22.32)

Thomas Romesser (9-10 Boys)
100 Breast - 3rd 1:32.70p
100 Free - 1st 1:06.83p (-4.41)  Spring JO!
100 IM - 2nd 1:18.63p (-4.64)  Spring JO!
200 Free - 1st 2:23.92p (-6.60)  Spring JO!
200 IM - 3rd 2:45.10p (-6.57)  Spring JO!
50 Free - 2nd 30.66p (-1.09)  Spring JO!

Kattalee Segal (11-12 Girls)
100 Breast - 36th 1:29.53 (-0.17)
100 Free - 27th 1:06.81 (-0.53)
100 IM - 32nd 1:18.59
200 Free - 31st 2:31.77 (-2.33)
50 Fly - 27th 33.41 (-0.30)
50 Free - 40th 31.69


BEACH 5 absolutely crushed it at Pac champs, all the hard work and effort put into the practice pool is paying off when they race! Makes me very excited to see what these kids can do at last ditch and JO’s!

Of the 14 swimmers who competed at the meet all 14 made it back for finals in individual events, with a grand total of 46 new best times and 4 spring JO cuts, 1 for Andy Pham, 1 for Mikki Maemura and 2 Catalina Kahan!

Congratulations Beach 5 all your hard is work is paying off and I’m very excited for the future!

The best part of the meet for me was seeing all the great energy from everyone and the awesome team spirit!

Emery Arnold – had a very solid meet, making it back in all her events Saturday night and busting out some great relay swims. Her best races by far were her 100 Back and 100 fly in Finals on Sunday, two great bounce back swims and two new best times!

Molly Beetner – didn’t have the best start to the meet on saturday and was a little disappointed in herself but she came back strong in finals and showed everyone what she’s capable of! Way to go for staying mentally strong Molly!

Audrey Bonelli – what a meet this was for Audrey, she was 6 for 6 on making it back for fianls and 5 of those 6 races were new best times! Not only was she crushing in the pool she was being a great teammate, always cheering her friends on at the ends of the pool!

Freddy Brown – although he was feeling under the weather, Freddy still came out and raced hard on Saturday, matching his best times and drpping in the 50 Free, a good showing when you’re not 100% healthy.

Mia Crisera – started out with a bang in the 400Im on Friday and the momentum didn’t stop there, she went on to make finals in all her events, dropping time in all her events, and to top it off took home 1st in the 13-14 100 Free! Fantastic Job Mia!

Elsie DelaCruz – after being sick for over a week Elsie came to Pac champs not expecting the best, but she showed what some positive thinking can do! After getting off to a slow start Elsie came back to finals with a smile on her face and her races were much better, notably dropping 3s in the 200 free from the morning! I can’t wait to see what Elsie can do when she’s 100%!

Catalina Kahan – Our newest addition to our Spring JO’s team! Catalina had a great meet, making it back to finals in all her events and getting Spring JO cuts in the 50 fly and 100 IM1 Congratulations Catalina your hard work and positive mindset are paying off!

Audrey Lie – started off the meet with a bang making it back for finals in all her events on Saturday! Unfortunately, as the meet went on Audrey got sick but that didn’t stop her from swimming fast and making it back for finals again on Sunday and grabbing 3 new best times!

Mikki Maemura – had a great meet, making finals in all her events, grabbing a JO cut in the 100 breast, but her best moment was the 200 Fly grabbing 1st place and then coming back all smiles explaining how she wants to be a great 200 Flyer….. Music to a coach’s ears!

Isabel Mercia-Jones – had a very strong meet, making it back for finals in all her events, getting 5 new best times out of 6 and doing all this while getting sick during the meet! Congratulations Isabel you should be very proud you showed a lot of mental toughness at the meet!

Luke Njeru – he was only at the meet on Sunday but he made it all worthwhile! 3 events and 3 finals and 2 new best times! Congratulations Luke it was great to see you race for the first time, excited for JO’s!

Giulia Paganelli – it was a pleasure to watch you race at Pac champs, 5 new best times for you!

The highlight of the meet was her 100 free in prelims dropping 2 seconds from her personal best, and racing with confidence! Keep racing like that and you’ll smash the minute barrier!

Andy Pham- Andy made it back to finals in all 6 of his events and grabbing 5 new best times, but most importantly he grabbed a new JO cut in the 100 back! The hard work is paying off Andy let’s keep the momentum going into JO’s

Riley Sheets – after taking a week off to go Skiing Riley came to the meet feeling refreshed, and it showed in the pool! 6 events 6 finals and 3 new best times! Congratulations Riley you had some great races in the pool!



Joshua Truong - Despite being gone for a week before the meet Josh came back with an outstanding 14th place in the 50 breaststroke, a 2 second drop in the 100 back stroke and a 3rd place finish in the boys 11-12 200 yard free relay

Antonio Paganelli-
-2 seconds in the 50 free for a 27.7
-2 seconds in the 100 free for a 1:02.1 (so close to that sub minute goal)
-5 seconds in the 200 free for a 2:18.6 (which he swam a week before and still dropped time in)
-1 second in the 100 backstroke for a 1:14
-5 seconds in the 100 breaststroke for a 1:26
-1 second in the 200 IM for a 2:40



I am so proud of how all of the swimmers of Beach 3 and Senior 2 handled themselves and the weather at Pacific Committee Champs this year.  There were first time Spring JO qualifiers, new Summer JO cuts (some for new age brackets), and countless best times.

Alexander Chun (9 points)- 4 best times/2 Top 16 finishes

James Coyne-5 best times

Alexander Davies- 6 best times

Peyton French- 5 best times

Evan Fung (1 point)- 6 best times/1 Top 16 finish

Naomi Fung- 5 best times

Jack Humphrey (17 points)-7 best times/2nd place in 1650

Luke Langton (6 points)- 6 best times/2 Top 16 finishes

Will Langton (5 points)-6 best times/1 Top 16 finish

Hudson Powers (4 points)- 5 best times/2 Top 16 finishes/1st 2 Summer JO cuts as 13 year old

Naomi Scott (15 points)-1 best time/4th place in 1650

Lucan Sorensen -4 best times

Clara Soricut-1 best time

Sanoja Sridevan (32 points)- 5 best times/2 Top 5 finishes/1 more Top 16 finish/1st Summer JO cut as 15 year old

Shea Steggell (30 points)-3 best times/1 new JAG cut/1 new Summer JO cut

Ellison Toone-5 best times



Great meet, the swimmers looked strong, confident, and delivered. All were so close to their spring JOs, lots qualified for JAG or Summer JOS. We have a brand new season ahead full of exponential potential!

Go team.


Jack O’Shaughnessy

Broke 5 min in 400 IM, and slight drops in 200 free and 100 fly. Jack made finals in 200 Bk and placed 8th overall, 200 fly for 13th overall, and finished 14th overall in 100Bk. Consistently good races, looked strong and so close to JAG and Summer JO on many events.

Austin Morse

Dropped 100 free to 57.4, , dropped 2.92 sec 100 fly, drop 3.34 sec 100 bk, drop .27 sec 50 free

Finished 12th overall for 200 IM (Summer JO Cut),  7th overall with his PB, finished 16th with his 100 fly dropping time to 1:02.78

Again consistent across all races, great effort, and hard work is really paying off.

Kyle Capili

added in some events such as 400IM, 50, 100, and 200 free. Despite also adding in 200 Back and 200 Fly, Kyle made finals in both events, finishing 5th and 11th respectfully. Kyle dropped in 100 fly.

Kyle has worked very hard and consistently over the past few weeks leading up to the meet. Kyle wasn’t at practice much the week of the swim meet, and we openly discussed the importance of active rest and getting into the water in the days leading into a swim meet.

Max Colomer

200 back 5sec drop for Summer JO and finished in 14th place overall, dropped 5.77 sec in 400IM,  3.93 sec drop in 200 free, 1.83sc drop 100 bk, and 1 sec drop in 50 free.

Max has really stepped up his training game, and the results show. So happy to see so many time drops in multiple events.

Kylie Hamilton

Kylie dropped to 58.1sec on 100 free finishing 12th overall, finished 4th place in 200 IM, dropped 3.64 sec on 200 Free, and .40 sec on 50 free finishing 12th overall in both events

Kylie is very close on multiple events from summer JOs.

Sammie Hall

Sammie dropped 4.96 sec in 200IM for 7th overall, 1.98 sec drop on 200fly for 4th overall, achieving 2nd place overall for 100 fly, with a final time of 1:03.20 (JAG, just missing spring JO). Impressive Sammie!

Sammie also finished 4th overall in 200 breast. Way to go Sammie.   

Nicole Ungaro

Finished 8th overall with a 5.15 sec drop in 200IM, just missing JAG and Summer JOS. Dropped on 100fly and finished 10th overall with a 2:47.53 in her 200 breast. Nicole was out sick for a week, and slowly got back into race pace before the meet.  

Reiley Solheim

Reiley dropped in her 200back and 50 free. She also competed in 200IM, 100 and 200Free, and 100Fly.  She had a great meet with some slight time gains but looked really good on her technique, starts, and turns.  Keep up the great work Reiley.

Alexane Turgeon

Has been consistently improving throughout the season. Her technique on freestyle has improved a lot. We are determining that Alexane might be a long distance swimmer. Coming off Holidays, Alexane added in a couple events, but looked really strong in her freestyle and backstroke. We will continue to focus on building strength and technique as a 1st priority.


Ava Sorrentino

Finished 16th in 200 breast with a  1.22 sec time drop. Ava dropped 2 sec 100breast, add 1 sec 100 fly,  add slight in 200 breast, drop slight 50 free. Great Job on the breaststroke Ava!

Patrick Melia

Patrick had an outstanding 100 free in a swim off pulled out a 51.96. Way to go Patrick.  He also  dropped 4.78 sec in 200 free,

And placed 8th overall in 100bk,11th overall in 200bk, and drop .21 sec 50 free for a 24.37

Emma Beretta

Emma drop slightly to 58.2 , need time on 500 free, dropped slight .11 on 2 free, add in 50 free prelim,

4th overall  in 500 Yard Free with a PB of 5:52.53, finished 13th overall in 200Free with a 1.11sec drop, finished 6th overall with a PB of 26.60 in 50 free

100 free finished 8th overall with a .38 sec drop

Cona Akimoto

1st time for 200bk and didn’t expect to make finals, added 200IM, slight drop 100 breast, drop 1sec 100 fly, drop .63 sec 200 breast, add 100bk prelims

Nick Cutsail

Had a great meet, with time cuts and he had a big smile after every check in! Nick dropped time in all events, a total of 10.98 sec in 100 free, 100 breast, 200 Free, 200 Breast, and 50 free. Great job.  

Sammy Finn

No day 1 as she was away in Hawaii. Right off the plane and unfortunately adding in 200 free and 50 free. Sammy droped 1 sec in 100 bk, looking really good in her technique.

Jessica Hirshberg

Was away for ski week, and after an injury during Winter break she has been doing her best to continue her swim season. Jessica on her events this time around, but needed to get in and compete. Very happy to see her at the meet. Once she has fully recovered we can get her focused on technique and time cuts once again.

Lilly May

Attended meet on day 2, and participated in 200 free, 100 fly, and 50 free. Lily added in add 3 however, has been working out some knee issues and will continue to take things at her own pace through HS season.  


SENIOR 4 showed up ready to race! We have lots of new Spring and Summer JO cuts as well as overall event winners. We've been working hard on details since WAG and that majority of the group did a great job with good walls, sub kicks and finishes.

Andrew Bonelli (69 Points) - Andrew had a tough lineup but his hard work paid off. He dropped 1 second in his 100 free then came back to drop over 6 seconds in his 200 fly; grabbing 2nd place and a new Spring JO cut. Finishing Day 1 he and Trent were battling in the 500 during prelims where he grabbed another Spring JO cut dropped 8 seconds to go 5:09. Andrew came back for Day 2 dropped in his 100 fly going 1:01 and also in his 50 free going under 25 for the first time.

Trent Bowles (91 Points) - Despite some sketchy walls and breakouts Trent had a great meet. He dropped over 2.5 seconds in his 100 free going 54.07 (52 on a relay later). Trent grabbed a new Spring JO in the 200 IM and won going 2:10. He also dropped over 13 seconds in his 500 at prelims. Trent had an awesome Day 2 finishing 6th in the 200 free for a drop at 1:56 and won the 100 back dropping under 1:00 for the first time going 59.35.

Tabi Brown (14 Points) - Tabi grabbed a bunch of second swims and showed she can really race. Her 200 breast she dropped over 5 seconds going 2:50. She also had a drop in her 200 back going under 2:30 for the first time as well as dropping in her 100 back.

Maya Chou (56.5 Points) - Maya crushed the backstroke events. She won the 200 back with a new Spring JO cut going 2:17. Despite adding in her fly events she came back Sunday to win the 100 back for another Spring JO cut going 1:02.9. Maya also helped on relays and had a small drop in her 100 free.

Griffin Colomer (15 Points) - Griffin is really learning how to race and starting to put it all together. He dropped almost 2 seconds in his 100 free going 53.4. Griffin made it back in the 200 IM to finish 14th. He also finished 15th in the 100 breast dropping under 1:10 for the first time. Prelims on Sunday he got his 100 fly under a minute as well for a 59.4. Finals in the 200 breast he grabbed 10th place dropping 5 seconds for a 2:26.

Lauren Donnelley (55 Points) - Lauren won the 500 dropped 2 seconds for a 5:28.2, narrowly missing the Spring JOs but racing really well. Sunday LoDo dropped a second in her 100 back going 1:05 and then came back to win the 50 free at night going under 26 and grabbing a new Spring JO time.

Matthew Frey (16 Points) - Matthew had drops in every event and had great walls and strokes which he has been working hard on. The 100 free he dropped 2.7 seconds going 53.7. His 200 IM he finished 13th after a 5 second drop from the morning. Most impressive was his 200 breast on Sunday where he got a second swim to finish 7th going 2:26.

Elliot Kim (75 Points) - Elliot with his amazing walls and renewed attitude had a terrific meet. Friday night Elliot dropped 4.5 seconds in his 400 IM just missing the Spring JO time. Elliot won the 200 back on Saturday going 2:11 with a new Spring JO cut. Elliot also had a solid prelims swim in his 200 fly swimming 2:21. Sunday Elliot finished 2nd in the 100 back also grabbing a Spring JO cut going 1:00. 

Madie Malone (56 Points) - Maddie put together a good meet including almost all second swims. She dropped a bit in her 100 free going 57.26. Most impressive was her 500 free where she swam with no fear chasing down LoDo to drop 8 seconds going 5:37 and finishing 3rd at Finals. Maddie had a small drop in her 200 free and a nice .4 drop in her 50 to finish 4th with a 26.3.

Mason McEwen (9 Points) - Mason has been putting everything together at practice; including learning to swim fast he it showed at the meet. He dropped a second in the 100 going 53.3 and had a great 200 IM in the morning. He cam back at finals to finish 12 and drop a total of 5 seconds going 2.12.9. Mason also dropped his 100 breast under 1:09 for the first time going 1:07 at prelims. Mason put together a good Sunday as well dropping in his 100 fly and again in his 50 free.  

Jasmine Mesina (19 Points) - Jazi used her breaststroke skills to good use by dropping 4 seconds her 200 IM going 2:26 and finishing 10th. Jazi also had 1.6 second drop in her 100 back using her underwaters finally! In addition to helping on relays Jazi also had a small drop in the 50 as well.

Emily Pitman (34 Points) - Emily has slowly been able to use her arm after a year of kicking. In an effort to find new events Emily showed up and not only matched many of her old times but dropped in her 50 free going 26.2. Emily had a great 200 IM and 100 fly proving she can do more than just sprint freestyle. Emily also had an impressive 50 fly split on the medley relay.

Kira Rusalov (75 Points) - Kira continues to learn to race as well as gained some valuable experience with second swims. She finished 5th in the 200 back with a second drop and was also 5th in the 200 IM dropping 1.7 to go 2:18.96. Kira also had a great 100 breast dropping a bit in the morning and finishing 3rd. Sunday prelims Kira swam lights out in her 200 breast dropping 5 seconds and going 2:31.6 and finishing 4th at finals. Kira also had a great 100 back going 1:05 and finishing 7th. 

Reagan Santa Ana (64 Points) - Reagan had a good weekend swimming off events. She just missed Spring JOs in the 200 back (oddly her weakest stroke) and won the consolation heat. She came back a few heats later to win the 200 IM with a 2:18 and new Spring JO time. On Sunday she had a 1.7 second drop in her 200 free to finish 4th going 2:04. At finals she finished 2nd in the 200 breast with another drop going 2:41.

Elaine Shin (16 Points) - Elaine swam her heart out despite coming off a long week of high school workouts and a meet on Friday. She finished 8th in the 200 back going 2:28 and and finished 16th in the 100 free, adding a bit from prelims but still a good swim. She did manage to qualify for finals in all her events and I look forward to seeing the final results at taper time.

Kiku Shirakata (9 Points) - Kiku saw some little drops here and there and snagged some second swims. She finished 15th in the 200 free dropping 1.5 seconds. Kiku also scored in the 100 fly with an 11th place finish and 16th in the 50 free. 

Andreea Soricut (17 Points) - Andreea swam Sunday after a week in Spain and getting home late Saturday night but still showed up for the team. Her times suffered a bit from the time off but she still swam with heart and intensity inducing an 11th place finish in the 200 free and 9th in the 100 fly.

Camden Strickfaden - Cam had to miss Saturday due to weather issues while traveling but had a good Sunday. He was right on his best 100 fly and 50 free times and swam a great 200 free going 1:53 and dropping a smidge as he continues to learn pacing.

Katie Wrigley (65 Points) - Katie had some ups and downs but I admire her hunger to be great at all events. Katie dropped a bit in her 200 back going 2:20 and finishing 7th. Katie had a great 200 IM in the morning dropping 3 seconds and going 2:18. Katie's fly was a bit off Sunday morning but she had a great 200 breast dropping 3 seconds and finishing 5th in finals with a 2:34.


Solid performances from the Senior 5 group on just a bit of rest!  Shout out to Emma Chang for swimming faster in all 3 of her Finals races (compared to Prelims) and to Kate Kramer for going 4 for 5!  Also need to give a shout out to Rayen Lin for achieving best times in 5 of 6 races and narrowly missing a Sectionals time in the 200 Breast with his Prelims swim.  Great effort, team!

Emma Chang (15 & Over Girls)
100 Breast - 4th 1:13.43
100 Free - 11th 58.81
200 IM - 4th 2:19.33

Matthew Cullen (13-14 Boys)
100 Breast - 16th 1:12.38p (-2.30)
100 Free - 16th 54.82p
200 IM - 8th 2:11.66p (-3.83)

Jerome Emery (15 & Over Boys)
100 Breast - 9th 1:06.62p
100 Fly - 28th 1:01.59
100 Free - 14th 52.56p (-0.14)
1650 Free - 1st 17:32.72
200 Free - 9th 1:52.96
50 Free - 20th 24.39 (-0.07)
500 Free - 2nd 5:00.91

Kennedy French (15 & Over Girls)
100 Breast - Q5th 1:13.65p
200 IM - Q3rd 2:17.40p

Kate Kramer (15 & Over Girls)
100 Fly - 12th 1:08.67
1650 Free - 1st 19:33.40
200 Free - 7th 2:04.84
50 Free - 12th 27.50 (-0.17)
500 Free - 1st 5:32.19p

Rayen Lin (15 & Over Boys)
100 Back - Q9th 58.78
100 Breast - 6th 1:04.12p (-0.45)
200 Back - 5th 2:05.30p (-0.79)
200 Breast - 1st 2:14.72p (-2.16)
200 IM - 4th 2:03.51p (-1.62)
50 Free - 21st 24.52 (-0.18)

Abbie Maemoto (15 & Over Girls)
100 Back - Q9th 1:06.75
100 Breast - 8th 1:15.25p
100 Fly - Q6th 1:04.01
100 Free - 5th 56.37p
200 IM - 8th 2:21.71p
50 Free - Q6th 26.30

Katelyn Nimsky (15 & Over Girls)
100 Breast - 15th 1:19.43p (-0.78)
100 Free - 15th 1:00.38p
200 Breast - 10th 2:47.33 (-0.84)
200 Free - 8th 2:05.51p
200 IM - 12th 2:27.16p (-0.45)
50 Free - 25th 28.44

Yuri Onimura (15 & Over Girls)
100 Back - 4th 1:04.52
100 Fly - 8th 1:04.58p (-2.47)
50 Free - 8th 26.27p

Sarah Quayle (15 & Over Girls)
100 Breast - 6th 1:14.69
100 Fly - 3rd 1:01.31
100 Free - 7th 57.36p
200 Breast - 7th 2:37.68p
200 IM - 5th 2:18.99p
400 IM - 4th 5:00.06
50 Free - 7th 26.17p



Pac Com had some Cold weather but some HOT swims....I was really proud of the High Performance Group.These guys came in and did some real damage at this meet scoring 486 points themselves and not including Relay points.  Super proud of these guys getting the job done on such a cold weekend.

David Amano - ( 69 pts)David had the best meet of the season.  Kept making it back to finals and swimming best times. Great Job David!

200 Back -  2:02.1

100 Free - 52.17 for a drop of 1.56

500 Free - 5:07.3 for a drop of .23 

200 Free - 1:53.01 for a .47 drop

100 Fly - 56.19 for a .13 drop

Swam in all the scoring  relays


Daniel Fuentes - (85 pts)Daniel was killing it all weekend and kept coming back race after race to score for the team and hit best times. Nice job Daniel.  HS Season is looking good.

100 Free - 49.51

200 fly - 2:01.4 for 1.52 drop

200 free - 1:49.25 for 1.5 drop

100 fly - 54.5

50 free - 22.82

swam in all the scoring relays


Angel Gonzalez - (56 pts) Angel had a phenomenal meet as well, best one since being in my group.  Great job Angel!

200IM - 2:03.6  drop of 1.0

200 Fly - 2:03.7 drop of 2.23

200 Free - 1:51.45 drop of 2.24

100 Fly - 56.18 drop of 1.49

200 Breast - 2:18.5

Swam in all the scoring relays


Atom Hashimoto - (72 pts)Atom had an amazing meet. Charged hard on all his races and had some massive time drops.

200IM - 2:05.8 for a 4.41 drop.

100 Free - 51.13  for a 2.69 drop

200 Fly - 2:02.91 for a 2.59 drop

100 Fly - 56.27

100 Back - 57.49 for a 1.21 drop

50 Free 23.70 for  a drop of .56

Swam in all the scoring relays


Colin Le - (60 pts) Colin had his first meet with Beach Cities and first since he was a 10 and under.  Came out of the gates swinging and hit some great times.  Established some fast Sectional cuts in the process.

100 Free - 48.3

100 Back - 51.6 drop of 2.45

50 Free - 21.7 drop of .93

Swam in all the scoring relays


Ethan Smith - (41 pts)Ethan had a great meet. We learned  few things about his racing that can be developed in training.  All in all a great meet.

100 Free - 50.96

200 Free - 1:55.1

100 Fly - 58.5

50 Free - 22.8 drop of .06

Swam in all the scoring  relays


Tyler Yeomans - (91 pts) Tyler had the meet of his life with his first Sectional Cut in the 100 Backstroke, Bonus Cut in the 200 Back and 200IM. Really proud of the way he handled this meet under pressure and was able to execute. Proud of you T-Bone!

200 Back - 1:57.4 drop of 1.16

200IM - 

100 Breast - 1:04.3

100 Fly - 55.01 drop of 1.14

100  Back - 53.48 drop of .54 and Sectional Cut

50 Free - 22.87 drop of .75

Swam in all the scoring relays