BBA+NTA Information

As the season winds down, we’re looking towards the Summer season with big changes and exciting growth for our program! Please read this entire email as it has a LOT of information.

If you are receiving this email, and are not continuing with NTA, these emails will stop effective April 1 when your account is de-activated with the BBA/NTA program.  

Age Group State is this weekend in Indiana and we are looking forward to cheering on Emma, Zuzanna, Gabrielle and Victoria as well as our NTA Sharks!  
And don’t forget about the 12 & Under Sprint Intersquad this Saturday at Northfield at 8a! It’s going to be fast and fun! If you are on Big Blue and you would like to participate, please let email our meet director Brendan Hulseman by Thursday with your athlete's full name(s) and birthdates and we'll get you in as well! Brendan's email is 
Information is located  here. Cost is FREE and the times count!  


Practice Schedule
As we look at scheduling the next two weeks, we are looking to make sure those athletes still competing at championship meets have ample practice time to prepare for the last meets of season.  That being said, there are some changes to the workouts this week.

PDF's of the schedule for the next two weeks 
March 4-9 - NTA Athletes only.
March 10-16 - open to NTA & BBA athletes (free!) 

Please use these as your primary practice reference.
Google calendars are in the process of being updated to reflect these changes but we are going to try something a little different for these two weeks and see if this helps with the workout communications. Feedback is appreciated.

Any workout changes for these two weeks will be communicated via email as soon as possible and the teamunify notification system and subsequently changed in Google.  

Reminder that we do not have formal workouts March 17-31st.
Individual coaches may offer clinics or lessons during this time, and they will communicate that out accordingly through our teamunify system to all registered athletes.

April Practice Schedule has been a work in progress.
Adding a new site as well as new members to our team has been exciting but also a fair amount of challenge, given our constraints at Northfield and Winnetka with high school water polo. In May, we anticipate more pool time and will be adding workouts for all groups each week as that time becomes available when various teams finish their season.  This is hopefully our final iteration, barring some schedule changes due to high school programming at Northfield and Winnetka campuses. 

We very much appreciate the patience and understanding the entire team has shown with the schedule this season. One of the unforeseen consequences of having a successful team environment at the club level is that more athletes are getting involved at the high school level - which is AWESOME! but it does put the pinch on us for pool time and we have had to accomodate the high school programming more this season. Thank you so much for understanding our continued relationship with the high schools in our area as before you know it... the little sharks will be part of the great high school aquatics traditions of the northshore. 

Registration for Summer season is open
The summer practice & meet schedule will be up shortly. We are charging $100 non-refundable fee to register that will be applied to your overall season fee. This season you will have the option to pay in two installments – April 5 & June 5th. We do not prorate the season, with the exception of athletes participating in spring high school sports. Swimmers participating in the summer will have priority registration for the fall and will not need to tryout. If you have questions regarding your specific situation, please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff and we will work with you as best we can! 

Placement for all BBA athletes into the NTA system will be emailed out to each family on Wednesday by noon. We have allocated and arranged space for every single BBA athlete as they move into the NTA team family. 


2019 Hour of Power benefiting the Ted Mullin Fund to support pediatric cancer research at University of Chicago is a week in and we’re already at $4000! Our goal is $50,000 by April 13th…keep the momentum going! Put April 13th on the schedule – we’ve got door prizes, a DJ and some sweet food vendors lined up to drive this great community effort.

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