Updates and spring break

Our team had a time trial last Friday and 40 kids were there.  That is a good number of swimmers.  Nice job Chinook swimmers and families!  A big shout out to all the volunteers - it takes MANY to run a meet or time trial.  So thank you computer people, stroke and turn officials, meet ref,  timers, and other swimmers helping with younger swimmers.  Without everyone's help we would not be able to run these time trials.


Spring break is around the corner.  WE WILL STILL HAVE PRACTICE. So check out the schedule the week of 3/11-3/15:

Chugiak Pool:

Plat/Gold 3-5pm, Silver 4:30-6pm, Bronze 5-6pm, SS 5-6pm

Bartlett Pool:

Plat/Gold 8-10am, Silver 4;30-6pm, Bronze 5-6pm, SS 5:15-6pm

The only change is a morning practice 8-10am at Bartlett Pool for Platinum and Gold. Just for the week of spring break.

Keep up the good work on training, particpating in meets, and volunteerism.  WE NEED YOU ALL!

Our next big state championship meet is JO's- so keep it up team.