Provincials Day 3 Results

04 March 2019 (Repsol Sports Centre, Calgary) - The third day of finals at the new and revamped Alberta Provincials ran through its last night of finals last night here in Calgary and what a show it was! 

Cascade found itself in the mix in almost all of the races and battling hard for wins, personal bests and new championship qualifying times.

New champ qualifying times yesterday came from Tristan Costoy and Jason Yang who each picked up a champs qualifying time in their respective races (50 free and 100 fly).

New champs qualifiers from the meet last night included Hannah Auch who nailed a lane 8 (the “ocho”) swim to take the bronze medal underneath the Alberta Championships qualifying time - 2:16.02. Check out the top-3 final times in that event: 2:15.77, 2:15.98, 2:16.02 - quite the race. Not only was that race tight but so many other races last night were just as bombastic. In one event, the girls 12&U 50m breaststroke, each and every one of the 8 finalists all swam up to and under the Alberta Championships standard.

Our next qualifier came at the 11th hour and 59th minute out of the girl’s 100m IM, the last event of the meet. The interesting thing about this race was that no matter how fast you went it would not be fast enough and the only way to get to champs from this one was…to win! Talk about pressure and talk about having to put it all on the line for one single race. Olivia Baethke was up to the challenge though and not only did she pull off the win in the girls 13-14 category but she pulled it off in style with a come from behind victory that saw the final times go 1:15.69, 1:15.32 and then Olivia’s 1:15.21. Off to champs she goes.

More meets coming up including our own little Fundamentals meet at the new Seton pool then Championships and a mini Killarney time trial - all before most swimmers get to break at the end of March.

You can check out all the meet results through the “ FOLLOW RESULTS” button on the front of the Cascade website.