2019 IISD Girls and Boys IHSAA Results


2019 IISD IHSAA Girls Results:


8 Sectional Champions (20 Statewide), 6 Sect Runner Ups, 38 Sect Finalists, 27 Regional Qualifiers

4/4 Statewide Regional Champions, 3/4 Regional Runner Ups, 16/32 State Qualifiers

2/4 State Semifinalists, 11 Top 16 Finalists, 6 Top 8 Medalists, and ALL Top 3 Girls in Indiana


Jackie Brenn                      Sect Champion                 Reg Runner Up                 State Champion

Daryn Wright                     Sect Champion                 Reg Champion                  State Runner Up

Evie Geier                           Sect Champion                 Reg Runner Up                 State 3rd Place

Sydney Mills                      Sect Champion                 Reg Champion                  State 5th Place

Mikayla Zick                       Sect Runner Up                Reg 3rd Place                      State 7th Place

Jiselle Miller                     Sect Runner Up                Reg Runner Up                 State 8th Place

Kaitlin Simons                   Sect Champion                 Reg Champion                  State 9th Place

Sarah Ballard                     Sect Champion                 Reg Champion                  State 11th Place

Sophie Mernitz                Sect Champion                 Reg 4th Place                      State 12th Place

Anna Yaggy                        Sect Runner Up                Reg 7th Place                      State 14th Place

Colleen Ray                        Sect 4th Place                     Reg 6th Place                      State 15th Place

Kenzie Mills                       Sect 4th Place                     Reg 4th Place                      State 18th Place

Faith Jackson                     Sect 3rd Place                     Reg 3rd Place                      State 20th Place

Kate Steiner                       Sect 4th Place                     Reg 8th Place                      State 21st Place

Kamryn Blake                    Sect Runner Up                Reg 6th Place                      State 23rd Place

Kristina Zick                       Sect 3rd Place                     Reg 5th Place                      State 24th Place

Brooke Farnham              Sect 3rd Place                     Reg 9th Place

Kaylie Cripe                       Sect 3rd Place                     Reg 10th Place

Erica Lucas                          Sect Runner Up                Reg 10th Place

Karen Shriver                    Sect 3rd Place                     Reg 11th Place

Taylor Jackson                   Sect 4th Place                     Reg 14th Place

Lu-Si Minnich                    Sect Runner Up                Reg 14th Place

Carley Divish                     Sect 4th Place                     Reg 15th Place

Delaney Housel                               Sect 4th Place                     Reg 15th Place

Halle Strege                       Sect Champion                 Reg 16th Place

Emily Linder                       Sect 4th Place                     Reg 18th Place

Aariona Spencer              Sect 3rd Place                     Reg 20th Place

Midori Adams                   Sect 5th Place

Daniella Lopes                  Sect 5th Place

Mila Opachich                   Sect 5th Place

Kendra Seymour              Sect 5th Place

Emmalie Sipe                    Sect 5th Place

Kate Hans                           Sect 6th Place

Kaitlin McGraw                Sect 6th Place

Amanda Barker                 Sect 9th Place

Reagan Koble                    Sect 10th Place

Ajaylin Spence                  Sect 11th Place

Grace Woods                    Sect 11th Place

Allissa Schwartz               Sect 13th Place


2019 IISD IHSAA Boys Results:


5 Sectional Champions, 4 Sect Runner Ups, 17 Sect Finalists, 14 Regional Qualifiers

2 Regional Runner Ups, 8 State Qualifiers

2/4 State Semifinalists, 4 Top 16 Finalists, 1 Top 8 Medalist




Samuel Bennett               Sect Champion                 Reg Runner Up                 State 4th Place

Colin Stacey                       Sect Champion                 Reg Runner UP                 State 11th Place

Brayden Laycoax              Sect Champion                 Reg 4th Place                      State 12th Place

Wyatt Blake                       Sect Champion                 Reg 3rd Place                      State 14th Place

Oscar Eisgruber                Sect Runner Up                Reg 6th Place                      State 18th Place

Conner Mihavics              Sect 3rd Place                     Reg 7th Place                      State 19th Place

Quinton Jones                  Sect Runner UP                Reg 7th Place                      State 25th Place

Cameron Newman          Sect 3rd Place                     Reg 8th Place                      State 30th Place

Isaac Hunter                      Sect Runner Up                Reg 9th Place

Matthew Hayward          Sect Champion                 Reg 10th Place

Cayden Kennedy             Sect 3rd Place                     Reg 11th Place

Alex Hoffacker                 Sect 4th Place                     Reg 12th Place

Michael Graham              Sect Runner Up                Reg 15th Place

Ben Hobson                       Sect 4th Place                     Reg 15th Place

Henry Maas                       Sect 3rd Place                     Reg 18th Place

Brady Claassen                 Sect 5th Place

Nathan Leszcynski           Sect 8th Place

Luke Prusiecki                   Sect 14th Place