NEC qualifiers and information

Hello Dolphins! 

YMCA New England Championship shirts orders have been finalized. Congratulations to all of our qualifiers! This is a big accomplishment and you should be proud. Please confirm that your swimmer(s) name is on the list and spelled correctly if they have qualified. Only respond to me if there is an error. I will be sending the order to print tomorrow. 

Neil Alejandro • Jack Angelastro • Elena Bielesz
Connor Booth • Kellen Booth • Samantha Brown
Katreen Chen • Kaylynn Chen • Adam DiDomenico
Alanna Dwyer • Andrew Furtado • Grace Furtado
Isabelle Hodum • Owen Hodum • Nadia LeSieur
Lili Nagy-Leranth • Hannah Nagy-Leranth • Sophie Math
Cole McDonnell • Lance Mendoza • Aidan Nottingham
Elise Richardson • Jack Rosano • Jack Ruggiero
Alexander Skula • Cecilia Tran • Ava Vernon
Jessica Welch • Joey Zellner • RJ Zellner • Hilal Zoberi 

If you are a YMCA official and heading to NEC please consider officiating for the session that your swimmer is attending. Please email the Meet Referee directly and let her know your level of certification, the team you are with, and session(s) you will be available. This is for pre-meet planning purposes only. Walk-ons are always welcome, but planning ahead may help to alleviate our timing assignments.
Meet Referee: Priscilla Davis  

If you are attending USA Age Group Championships or YMCA New England Championships please be ready to time! We will have timing assignments and everyone will be expected to be available, especially those who have not timed recently. Once we receive our timing assignments for these two meets, Coach Matt may opt to assign timers ahead of time so we are not scrambling minutes before.