Details for 15-18 Meet!


Psych, Session Report and Parking are posted on the event page.



Consequences for failure to follow these instructions may jeopardize NE swimming’s ability to secure this facility in future


All parking will take place at WPI’s Gateway Garage located at 42

Washburn way. Free Shuttle busses will run from Gateway Garage starting at 7:00 am every 10 minutes until 12:40 pm.  Athletes and Spectators must both use the shuttle buses, drop

offs at campus will not be permitted at the sports and recreation  center.  The Gateway Parking Garage will be gated. To gain entry into the garage please pull your vehicle into the lane and approach the barrier arm. Once you are close enough to the arm, a proximity sensor will lift the arm and allow your vehicle access to the garage. As a warning vehicles in the Recreation Center Garage without a proper permit will be ticketed and towed on both Friday and Saturday morning prior to 11:00am.  Parents will be permitted to pick up athletes from the Recreation Center after 10:00 am providing they do not idle for long in the pickup/drop off area.


Parking Friday, Saturday Finals and both Sessions Sunday

Parking will be available in the WPI Sports and Recreation Center Garage on a first come first use ability. Once the garage is full we ask that all vehicles park in either the Hackfield parking lot or the Boynton Parking lot. Both are indicated on an attached campus map.


Timers Assignments –

The timing assignments are attached. Swimmers competing in the mid-day distance swims must provide their own timers. Timers for the finals will serve to time the 1000 on Friday and the 1650 on Sunday.


Warm Up/Building Entry: Entry into the building will be via the entrance along the side of the WPI Sports and Recreation Center adjacent to the track, and the Parking Garage. No entry via the mezzanine level will be granted.


We will be observing an open warm up policy. There will be no assigned warm up lanes.



- Building will open at 6300 am

- Pool will open at 7:00 am

- Pace and Sprint lanes will be opened in the competition pool at 8:15 am

- Competition Pool will close at 8:40 am

- Prelims Begin at 8:45 am



- Building will open at 4:30 pm

- Pool will open at 5:00 pm

- Pace and Sprint lanes will be opened in the competition pool at 5:25

- Competition Pool will close at 5:40 pm

- Finals Begin at 5:45 pm


Coaches Meeting

There will be a mandatory coaches meeting on Friday March 3rd at 7:45 am in the Hospitality room.


Finals Scratch Procedure

Please remind your swimmers and parents that as this is a Championship event, we will be following all scratch protocols as set by New England Swimming.



Concessions for the event will be supplied via Kingfish Boosters and served only during the preliminary session.



Our Vendor for the 15-18 Championships will be Fine Design. The vendor will be located just inside

the building entrance on the ground floor near the track. The same entrance we will utilize for our building entrance to and from the event.


Time Trials

We have received several requests for time trials. We will plan to run time trials on Friday, after the heats of the 1000 Free, on Saturday at the conclusion of prelims after a 5 minute break.  Any registered athlete is welcome to swim a time trial, however, if they are not entered in the meet they are responsible for the athlete fees associated with their swims. All time trials swimmers must be entered by 11:00 am each morning.