February Swimmers of the Month

February Swimmer of the Month 

Holy what a month February has just completely flew by! This past month was jam packed full of fun practices and meets that our WDSC family participated in 




S1: Audrey 

We are happy to announce that Audrey is swimmer of the month.In this past month we have seen a huge improvement in Audrey’s swimming.She always comes to practice with a positive attitude and is always ready to listen, work hard and have fun.Keep up the great work Audrey!!


S2: Holden Rigby 

This past month Holden has done an amazing job in making his strokes even better. A huge accomplishment for Holden this month was completely the Swim-A-Thon without needing a kick board at all…WAY TO GO!! Congratulations Holden and keep up the absolutely amazing work! 


S3: Harlo Dolejsi

She has shown great improvement this month as well as understanding in strokes and distances. She is a little goofy, but it doesn’t stop her from listening or doing a great job. Keep it up!





S1: Max Cherdantsev 

    This past month was very difficult to choose just one swimmer for February. However, Max’s sarcasm and large improvements for his strokes proved to be the most significant. A large milestone Max finally achieved this month was finally being able to legally swim breastroke which was a HUGE accomplishment. Every time Max steps on the pool deck it is almost always going to be a fun practice with some laughs along the way. Congratulations Max and keep up the great work! :) 


S2: Aynsley Jordan-Knox 

This months SOM goes to Aynsley. Her constant effort and positivity has been amazing this month. She is consistently working hard and has shown great improvement in her swimming this month. She is on time and ready to learn each and every practice! Keep up the good work :) 



Sara Brotherston

SOM is Sara. She went away and came back working super hard to make up missed time. Has been improving in all strokes AND did her first 200IM



AGB 1: Caitlyn Fowler 

    This past month Caitlyn Fowler has truly shown her dedication and love for the sport. A huge highlight this past month for Caitlyn was attending Tier 1’s for the first time swimming in a total of 6 events attaining almost entirely best times!!! Caitlyn continues to be a huge motivation for all of her teammates with not only her energy, but drive to do her best in and out of the water. Congratulations Caitlyn and keep up the amazing work! 


AGB 2: Kyra Dufour 

February’s swimmer of the month is Kyra. Kyra is our newest swimmer in AGB2 and has taken advantage of the move up in the best ways possible. Her technique in her freestyle strokes is sharp and fast making her move at lightning speed through the water. At her recent swim meet kyra earned a black cap at level 3 of our cap 1000 challenge. Good job kyra and keep up the good work 



So if I thought the January Swimmer of the month Isabel Rapier, was hard to determine, well February is WORSE. It is nearly impossible to determine just one single winner with the outstanding commitment and performances’ that Age Group Gold and Provincial swimmers displayed this month -Keep up the great work- swimmers!  It is a very nice spot as a coach to be in!


    When looking at all the athletes in this group one must start with Mei, Sassy, Chloe, Nadya and Yinan at the first meet of February.  This is where Mei swam 100 % best times, Chloe and Sassy nearly matching Mei in her performance and swimming some solid free races.  Then we have to consider Yinan at the Dynamo Meet. Leading the pack with multiple best times and great races!  Yinan captured her first Tier 11 cut in the 100 m Breaststroke.  Moving next to the LMR champs, how about Matt Friesen medalling in almost all his races and taking off 43 seconds in his 100 Butterfly- wow!


    I must finally, take into consideration the Tier 1 championships last weekend for the 12&unders.  We had some stunning performance in the pool by Kelly Qu.  Kelly winning every race in the 10 &under category, setting numerous meet and provincial records!  Kelly is now ranked number 1 in Canada in 10 events and going for more records at the Tier 11’s in Kamloops and the Delta Meet in a couple of weeks.  The coach must also look at the performances of Jenna Tuazon qualifying now in three new Tier 11 events.  Megan, Zach and Jeremy performing 100% best times in every event they swam!!   I must evaluate all these performances- combined with attendance, work ethic, attitude and team spirit!   And the winner is Heidi Cole.  Heidi and I were the last two on the pool deck both evenings, waiting for her to race, to her best times!   Heidi swam 100% best times and achieved her first Tier 11 cut in the 200 Butterfly.  Heidi continues to choose tough events and never disappoints herself and her coach. 


We wish all the swimmers going to Kamloops next week   -safe trip and of course…..Fast swimming.

Coach Judy



Naomi Cole 

    This past month Naomi’s dedication to the team, especially while feeling very sick has been well noted. It is very rare for Naomi to not step onto the pool deck ready to learn, perform and train her hardest. Congratulations Naomi