Area 1 & 4 Championships


Please find below the most recent updates for the Area 1 & 4 Championships.  You will want to print or have an electronic copy of the heat sheet, because heat sheets will not be sold at the meet. Since the weather looks nice, it might be a good idea to bring one or two of our team tents, if we have a volunteer to transport them.  Tents are stored at the Palencia pool. Please email cyclonesregistration@aol.com or reply to this email if you have room for a tent.

Warmup Info:

Please remember that Daylight savings will begin Saturday night and the clocks will move forward one hour.Because of that the warm-up times changed a little bit to be able to accommodate all the teams and swimmers. We will have two warm up groups, A and B. The first warm up will start at 7:20 until 8:05 AM and the second warm up from 8:05 to 8:50 AM and the meet will start at 9:00 AM. For the 12 & Under warm ups will begin at 11:30 AM or at the conclusion of the morning session, which ever is later.