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  • Go LESD! | Good luck to all the Silver Dolphins competing in Age Group Championships this weekend. 

  • Coach's Corner | Hear from Coach Allie and Paul on the Barbara Kay Championship Travel Meet.

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  • Smile | We are collecting Silver Dolphin photos from the season. 

  • Behind the Scenes | Interested to learn more about USA Swim Meets and ways to get involved?

  • New Members | Please help continue to welcome all of the new Silver Dolphins who started this season. 

  • Camp Counselor Opportunity | Join Hawken Day Camp Aquatic Staff from June 10 - July 19.

Let's Go LESD

Coach's Corner

This March 2 & 3, LESD sent eighteen 8 & Under swimmers down to the 2019 Barbara K Minimeet in Worthington, Ohio.  Although only the 9th largest team in a field of 23, "the mini-Dolphins" earned a quite impressive 5th place overall.

With around 350 swimmers (boys and girls) from Ohio in attendance, Emery Horvath won High-point Runner-up honors in the 7 y.o. girls age group (1st in 50 fly, 50 back, 25 back, and 25 fly).  Not to be denied, younger sister Caroline (one of five 5 y.o. girls at the meet) scored team points in both her 7&Under relays (Free and Medley), as did teammates Christina Jun, Kyra Ginwalla, and Giulia Mattes (B relays). The 7&Under A relays -- with E. Horvath, Elizabeth Matsievich, Filippa Johansson, and Ellery Losch -- finished strongly, with the Free Relay getting 2nd place and the Medley Relay winning 1st!  Wow!  Additional athletes Avery Carter, Katie Azok, Ellie Boyle, and Eleanor Leonard swam flawlessly -- no DQ's -- and added to the team point total.

On the Boy's side, Chris Jun was in the hunt for 8 y.o. honors garnering 72 points for his swims and bringing home 6 individual event trophies.  Connor Hines brought home a 2nd place trophy for his 50 breast!  Carson Schmidt, one of only five 5 y.o. swimmers at the meet, scored points for his 50 free!  Athletes Ashton Wargo, Winston Yu, and Logan Park performed perfectly -- no disqualifications in all their events!

As coaches, it was fun to cheer with and for the kids and we had some amazing help from all the parents and from past Barbara Kay swimmers, Everett Losch, and  Ben Azok as well as honorary Coach Kayleigh Morelli.

We were pleased with everyone's swims and behavior -- no one missed an event, and everyone displayed good sportsmanship.  Nice job swimmers!  We also wish to compliment the parents, who showed poise and team spirit throughout the meet.  The team dinner on Saturday night was absolutely wonderful -- many thanks to planners Matt and Rachel Horvath.  And to those behind the scenes who worked on getting us all T-shirts and goodie bags -- a list too long to write out here -- your hard work definitely made a lot of swimmers (and coaches) very happy.

Thank you to Coach Clark for supporting our 8&Under team, and to CJ Musser for overseeing and coordinating the overall effort.  We couldn't have done it without you! We are looking forward to next year's meet. 


Coach Allie and Paul

Practice Schedules

Please click here to view all practice locations

If you have questions, please contact the corresponding coach for the swim group/practice location. We will continue to update this schedule and point out any changes in the weekly bulletin but also post the updates in the schedule tab on 

The spring schedule for the majority of locations will be similar to the winter schedule and we will continue to update you on any changes. Some of the swim practice groups and locations will be taking a short break in March and those dates will be outlined on the practice schedule tab. 


We are in the process of creating some recaps to highlight the achievements and fun moments throughout the season. It's time to share photos of your Silver Dolphins. Please send all fun photos to C.J. Musser

Behind the Scenes

LESD and all clubs, rely heavily on parent workers to provide your child with a great swimming experience. We cannot thank all of our Silver Dolphin parents enough for their support throughout the Short Course season. 

We are working with USA Swimming on some educational opportunities to further support running our successful team hosted meets. Are you interested in learning more about any of the following positions?

  • Computer Worker - This role runs the Hy-Tek meet system that produces the heat sheets and results at meets.
  • Hospitality - This role provides the "energy" for the meets and support for all the USA Officials, Coaches and Meet Workers at meets. 
  • Meet Director - This role manages the set up of the meets and coordinates with all positions to effectively run a meet. 
  • Official - This role monitors and enforces USA regulations during the swimming competition of meets. 
  • Safety Director - This role manages the safety of the meets. 

Please email us if you are interested in getting more information and training about any of these roles. 

Dolphin Shout Outs

Happy birthday to the following Silver Dolphins  

10th - Kevin Fu

Congratulations to our February Swimmers of the Month:  Click here for February Swimmer of the Month

New Members

Hannah A
Manuel A.
Joanna A.
Ethan B.
Adam B.
Ellery B.
Jameson B.
Emma B.
Aidan C.
Avery C.
Philomena C.
Alexandria C.
Phoebe C.
Caleigh D.
Sofia D.
Maia D.
Ashlyn D.
Sophie E.
David F.
Kathryn G.
Kyra G.
Rowan H.
Cormac H.
Egan H.

Elizabeth H.
Isabella H.
Mirabel K.
Cecily L.
Eleanor L.
Helen M.
Delaney M.
Madan M.
Eva P.
Logan P.
Elijah R.
Nicholas S.
Carson S.
Kyra S.
Jonah S.
Taiga T.
Madison T.
Olivia U.
Caroline V.
Westan V.
Sophia V.
Bella W.
Ashton W.
Mary Helen W.

Camp Counselor  Opportunity

Do you like working with kids, teaching the sport you love AND making some extra cash? Hawken Day Camp is looking for instructors for this summer. A big bonus is you will get your lifeguarding as part of the job!  Contact Betsy Tietjen if you or your swimmer(s) are interested.  Camp runs June 10-July 19, with no camp on July 4, and a mandatory orientation on June 8.  Hours are 8:30 am - 4:15 pm at the lower school campus.  Candidates should be in 9th grade or above, though 8th graders can get work experience as volunteers.