Everyone Counts Information

Everyone Counts Information

We are all really excited for our Everyone Counts Swim Meet we are hosting this weekend at the Oshkosh Y.  This is the last meet for swimmers not advancing to the Y State Meet next weekend.  The Y is located at 3303 W. 20th Ave.  There are several events going on at the Y this weekend so be aware that parking may be tight at certain times.  Also, Sunday begins Daylight Savings!  Remember to set your clocks forward an hour before going to bed.  We would hate for swimmers to miss their first race on Sunday morning!

All volunteers, please double check any jobs that you signed up for and ensure you are in the correct location at the correct time.  Timers must report for the Timers Meeting that is held 20 minutes before the start of the meet.  Please be sure to sign in at the Volunteer Table prior to reporting to your job so you get the Service Hour Credits.  Thank you for your time and energy, we could not put on meets without everyone’s help!

Concession Donations need to be dropped off at the correct locations on the requested days.  Please double check the Concession Donation sign up.  Thank you for your donations! 

Concessions will be available during the swim meet in the small family gym which connects to the hallway to the locker rooms.  The Concessions Menu can be found on the second page of the Heat Sheets.  The gym will also serve as a warming area for our swimmers and parents between events if they want to get out of the pool area for a bit.  

Warm ups are a really important part of having a successful meet!  We need all our swimmers to be ready in their suit with cap and goggles with events on their arms by the times requested.  During warm ups, coaches take attendance and if your swimmer is not in the pool, we may replace them if they are in a relay.  Please allow extra time when planning for parking, finding locker rooms, changing and finding the swimming pool. 

  • Saturday PM:  We need all swimmers competing on Saturday to be ready for warm ups by 2:45pm.
  • Sunday AM:  We need all swimmers competing on Sunday to be ready for warm ups by 7:45am.

Below are links for the Heat Sheets on Saturday and Sunday.  Please print off a copy prior to the meet.  Heat sheets are also posted to our team website and are on Meet Mobile.  You can follow along with the progress of the swim meet with MeetBop.  It is a free app that allows you to view current event/heat and you can select events to receive start alerts on your mobile device.  More information about MeetBop can be found in the Heat Sheets. 

Saturday Heat Sheet

Sunday Heat Sheet

Thank you all in advance for making this meet a success!  We could not run meets without the help of you all!  It is going to be a really fun and successful weekend!  We look forward to seeing you all in Oshkosh!