AA information for swimmers

BASH AA Info for Swimmers

Friday, March 7 – 9 and over events

Warm up 5:00 PM, meet 6:05 PM, estimated Finish is 8 PM

Saturday and Sunday AM is for 11 and over swimmers

Saturday – Warm up 7:00 AM, meet 8:05 AM, estimated Finish 11:30 AM
Sunday – Warm up 7:30 AM, meet 8:05 AM, estimated Finish 11:30 AM

Sunday move your clocks ahead 1 hour! Sunday, swimmers in the first relay event MUST were their meet suits to warm up.

Saturday and Sunday PM is for 10 and Under swimmers

Saturday Warm up -12:35 PM, meet at 1:10 PM, estimated finish 3:20 PM

Sunday Warm up -12:15 PM, meet at 1:10 PM, estimated finish 3:35 PM

FINALS For 11 and over swimmers for TOP 18 from the Morning session –

Saturday and Sunday evenings warm up 4:15 PM, meet 5:15 PM, estimated finish both nights 8:15 PM


Wear any BASH shirt on Friday evening -

Wear your team shirt – with Coach Robin on the back on Saturday

Wear your new team shirt with – A BASH team unlike any other team on Sunday

Be on time for warm ups, can’t come late unless you get special permission from your coach! Each morning starts with a relay and we have a lot of entries each day!

NO Food on the Pool deck! Eat food upstairs only. Drinks only on the pool deck.

Be sure to race every race, don’t pick and choose what event

 to swim fast!

We don’t want scratches from Finals, if you make Finals for any 11 and over event we expect you to swim in Finals.

Relays are only in the morning and afternoon, NONE IN FINALS. Be sure to check and see with your coach before you leave each day. RELAYS ARE ONLY IN PENSIL right now and subject to change—sickness, swimmers not swimming well or swimming faster than expected and if someone needs a chance at a lead-off split are all factored into final relay decisions.