GOOD LUCK to our GMA athletes RACING at the New England 15-18 Championship Meet!

Dear GMA Families ,


We are SO EXCITED for our oldest GMA athletes to race their best and realize their season goals this weekend!  After a successful GMA start to the New England end-of-season meets, we know that our Senior, Sectional and National swimmers are now ready to have an outstanding weekend of fun, fast, championship swimming. Best of luck to our GMA athletes representing the team at the New England 15-18 Age Group Championships at WPI this weekend!

Please read all of the following information thoroughly so that we can all work together to have a terrific championship meet!


NEW ENGLAND 15-18 Championships:

Parking Friday and Saturday Prelims – Please click HERE to SEE  PARKING INSTRUCTIONS  FOR THE LATEST INFO AND AS A HANDY GUIDE . Consequences for failure to follow these instructions may jeopardize NE swimming’s ability to secure this facility in future.  The shuttle will run from 6:15am – 12:40pm on Friday and Saturday.   Everyone is expected to utilize the shuttle and park in the designated area, not at the rec center on Friday and Saturday morning.

CLICK HERE to the main meet information page

CLICK HERE for the GMA meet entries






Warm up prelims

7:00 am

7:00 am

7:00 am

Prelims begin

8:45 am

8:45 am

8:45 am

Warm up finals

5:00 pm

5:00 pm

5:00 pm

Finals begin

5:45 pm

5:45 pm

5:45 pm



The meet will be conducted in a trials/finals format. Prelims and finals will be conducted in 10 lanes. There will be 3 heats in finals: a bonus, a consolation and a final heat, in that order, in all events except the two distance events and the relays. The 1000 freestyle and 1650 freestyle are timed finals events. All relays will be swum with finals.


Team Scratch Policy

All GMA team members are expected to race in every event in which they are entered. Swimmers who have problems or concerns about their events must talk to a coach 24 hours in advance of the race in question to determine if an event scratch is necessary. Any swimmers who choose not to attend the meet must let Laura know at least 24 hours in advance of the meet.  This is a CHAMPIONSHIP MEET and we need every athlete to put in their best effort, in every event for the team.



All Friday scratches by 6:15 PM Thursday night.

Friday, 6:15 pm: all Saturday events

Saturday, 6:15 pm: all Sunday events, except the 1650 freestyle.

Swimmers in the 1000 and 1650 freestyle must positively check-in by 9:30 am the day of the event.



1. Coaches and swimmers are expected to understand the scratch, verification and relay rules before the meet begins.

2. Any swimmer who fails to compete in an individual event heat in which he/she is entered and has not been scratched will be barred from further competition for that day, including relays and time trials. The swimmer will also be automatically scratched from the following day’s events unless the Clerk of Course has been notified of the swimmers intention to compete by 6:15 PM.  

3. Any swimmer, who qualifies for finals and fails to notify the Clerk of Course of his/her intention to withdraw from finals within 30 minutes of the posting of the results, and does not compete, nor is excused by the Meet Referee, will be barred from all subsequent competition in the meet, including relays and time trials.  

4. On Sunday, any swimmer who qualifies for finals and fails to notify the Clerk of Course of his/her intention to withdraw from finals within 30 minutes of the posting of the results, and does not compete, nor is excused by the Meet Referee, will be barred from all subsequent competition in the meet, including relays and time trials and will be subject to $100.00 fine.


Program and Admission

$5.00 programs, $ 5.00 admission

Jim’s cell phone 802-363-3228 Laura’s cell phone 802-238-9168

GMA Coaching Schedule:

Friday – Jim Austin

Saturday - Jim Austin and Sammy Sweeney

Sunday – Jim Austin, Laura Matuszak and Sammy Sweeney


GMA Warm-Up Assignments

PLEASE PLAN AHEAD TO ARRIVE AT THE POOL EARLY.  Traveling in Worcester can take extra time due to traffic and road congestion.  We will remind our athletes of our daily warm-up times at the end of each session.  PLEASE PLAN TO STAY UNTIL THE END OF EACH SESSION, EVEN ON SUNDAY NIGHT. Please plan ahead for meals and sleep between and after sessions so that the athletes can maximize their recovery time.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Morning – GMA arrive on deck at 7:30 AM

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Finals – GMA arrive on deck at 4:45 PM


GMA Parent Volunteers

GMA parents are REQUIRED by New England Swimming to help with timing and officiating each session.  Failure to arrive on time, or failure to work your assignment, will result in a $100.00 fine due to New England Swimming.  If you cannot work, it is your responsibility to get a replacement. All Time Trials, 500 Frees, 400 IM's, 1000 Frees and 1650 Frees and Relays must provide their own timers

We ask that the GMA PARENTS in attendance at the meet please work together to fulfill the team timing assignments.

Friday Prelims – Lane 9

Friday Finals - Lane 9

Saturday Prelims – Lane 10

Sunday Finals – Lane 9   


Our TEAM GOALS for Championships are :

  • GMA athletes will achieve 90% personal best times at championships.

  • GMA athletes will make it back to finals in at least one event.

  • All GMA athletes will qualify for the next level meet this season.

  • GMA will place top 10 at the meet and top 3 for men’s teams.


  • Arrive on time

  • Warm-up and warm-down properly at every session (regardless of session participation) and for every event, including relays.

  • Stay at each session until EVERY GMA swimmer has completed their races.

  • Attend all preliminary and finals sessions.

  • Eat nutritious foods throughout the weekend.

  • Pack and prepare nutritious foods for before, during and after the meet.

  • Be leaders of team spirit and support staying engaged with the team at all times.

  • Get proper rest at night as well as between trials and finals.

  • Wear your GMA team shirts at EVERY SESSION.  Wear your 2018 GMA Championship Meet shirt at EVERY FINALS SESSION.

  • Race your BEST in every prelim, final and relay event.



  • Plan to arrive on time - plan ahead for city traffic

  • Understand that your athletes must warm-down after each session. Timelines have been provided for your planning.

  • Help with meal planning, prep and packing. Eliminate eating out at restaurants as much as possible for health and for time management.

  • Help with sleeping by maintaining a quiet and calm hotel environment.  Your athlete may need your help and encouragement to nap and to go to bed in a timely manner at night.  Your athlete will need space to rest each day between trials and finals, even on Sunday. Please plan accordingly.

  • Please remember that we expect every GMA athlete to attend every session of the meet to support their teammates.  Every GMA athlete will need to swim with the team at every session. Swimmers will not be released from the session until after every GMA swimmer has finished their racing.  Please speak to Laura Matuszak or Jim Austin in advance if you have any questions or concerns about this.

  • Please arrive on time and stay for your assigned meet job.

  • Please contact Laura Matuszak (802-238-9168) with any questions or concerns.

  • Have FUN and cheer for GMA!  This is the FUN part!!!!


GMA Team End-of-Season Meet Guidelines

The GMA coaches provide the following guidelines for swimmers and parents going to a New England End-of-Season meet:

1. Plan ahead to attend the End-of-Season Meets for which you have qualified. Please fulfill your team obligation. If your plans have changed and you are unable to attend, please notify Laura as soon as possible.

2. Swimmers are required to arrive 15 minutes prior to the assigned team warm-up session . Team stretching and announcements are a very important aspect of championship meet success.

3. These meets can be long and tiring. Plan your daily schedule to ensure that you get the proper amount of food and rest. This is best achieved with good transportation plans and many comfort items packed.

4. The emphasis at swim meets is always on achieving your personal best times, being a great sport and showing excellent team spirit. Winning heats and medals can be fun, but is never part of our team goals.

5. Please provide your child with unconditional love. Your swimmers need your unconditional support in order to race confidently. If they feel that you are judging or critiquing their performances, they may race with less confidence and security.

6. Please do not offer your swimmers ideas on how to race better. Please refer such technical questions to the coaches so as not to confuse the swimmers. Swimmers are required to speak to their coaches just prior to and immediately after their races in order to plan and evaluate their performances.

7. Please pack the following for your swimmers:

  2 GMA caps

  2 pairs of goggles

  GMA team suit

  GMA team apparel

  At least 3 towels

  Nutritious food and drinks only (fruits and vegetables, protein, nuts and seeds, and no sugar are the best options for nutritious foods for ideal human performance.)

8. Swimmers are responsible for the following:

  Knowing their events

  Knowing their personal best times

  Knowing their goals for each event

  Talking to a coach before and after every race

  Checking themselves in for any positive check-in events

  Talking to the coach about any scratches               

  Getting to their heats and lanes by themselves

  Cheering for their teammates during the ENTIRE session (do not leave until the session is over and our team area is fully cleaned)

  Demonstrating great sportsmanship and team spirit

  Resting/ sleeping in bed at least one hour in between prelims and finals sessions

  Warming up properly before each event, warming down properly after each event and maintaining any prescribed physical therapy routine.

9. Rest, eat nutritious food and drink plenty of water. When you are not swimming, you are to be fueling your body and sleeping. All swimmers competing in a prelims and finals meet are REQUIRED to sleep in between prelims and finals. It is recommended that you rest even if you are not swimming in finals at night. Please do not plan family activities and adventures. In order to race their best, the swimmers need to rest whenever they are not competing.

10. GMA swimmers MUST warm-up and warm-down before and after every event. Please talk to your coach about specific recommendations. If no pool is available, please use the team warm-up and warm-down cards to properly warm-up or warm-down your body.

11. If you are unable to attend any portion of the meet, please contact Laura on her cell phone (802-238-9168) immediately. Your teammates are counting on you for relays and team spirit.   Please remember to STAY UNTIL THE END OF THE SESSION to cheer for all of your teammates, even if you are done swimming. All 13 and older swimmers are REQUIRED to warm-up at EVERY session with the team (even when not swimming in the session).  All 13 and older swimmers are REQUIRED to attend the finals sessions (even when not swimming in an event) to watch and cheer on their teammates.

12. All swimmers who have a regular physical therapy routine are expected to continue this routine on schedule while at the meet.

13.  Please WEAR YOUR GMA ATTIRE and represent your team with pride, respect and spirit!


Please HAVE A BLAST!! You have earned a GREAT MEET!! LET’S GO GMA!!



Laura Matuszak, Head Coach Green Mountain Aquatics