NewsWave March 8

Divisionals – One last time, thank you WTSC families for your hard work and dedication in hosting all of our events this season, including last weekend’s Divisionals. It was a great weekend for our swimmers and the meet ran smoothly and efficiently. We couldn’t do it without you and your time and energy are appreciated. A full recap of the weekend was sent out earlier this week and is posted on the website, and an updated Honor Roll is also posted on the website and at the pool.


Age Group State – Good luck this weekend to our Age Group State team. The Championship Season got off to a rousing start last weekend at Divisionals, and we have no doubt that this weekend will be more of the same. Participating swimmers should contact their group coach if there are any last minute questions about the weekend. GO WTSC!


Weekend Practice – There will be no age group practice this weekend (Friday & Saturday) due to our coaching staff’s presence at AG State. Senior swimmers will have their regular Saturday morning practice. Please enjoy a weekend off from the pool.


Lifeguarding Class –  NC is hosting a lifeguard class this weekend (Friday-Sunday) for anyone needing to recertify an existing lifeguarding course or become a lifeguard for the first time. If you have any last-minute interest in this class, please contact Lisa Ruxer (317-626-5393) for cost and schedule information.


After Practice Pickup – As we wind down over the last few weeks of the season, please make sure that you are prompt in picking up your swimmers after practice. Rides should arrive no later than 15 minutes after the listed end of practice.


Showers – Finding showers left on after practice has become a regular occurrence in both the boys and girls locker rooms. Please help the coaches put an end to this practice by reminding your swimmers to turn off their showers when done using them. Your help in this matter is appreciated.