Board of Directors Meeting Wrap-Up

Below is a summary of the March 7 Board of Directors phone call: 

Updates from Feb BOD in-person meeting and 2019 Winter Champs:

- HUGE thank you to Linda Conger for stepping up to be our Technical Planning Chair!

-Thank you to Tim Wong, our Junior Athlete Rep, for organizing the athlete relay, it was a huge success!

- Thank you to Natalie Geffros, our Safe Sport Rep, for setting up our first ever Safe Sport Table! 

Action Items for April Meeting:

-Follow up with Tim Wong and Phoebe Pahis regarding communication with athletes on the proposed amendment to the voting process/candidate selection for the upcoming junior athlete 

-Follow up with Stephanie O'Malley regarding progress with D&I Camp

-Address any issues that need to be resolved before HOD

-Begin the process of finding out who will be continuing on with their positions and which positions will be voted on during the Fall 2019 HOD. This will give us 6 months to recruit new BOD members.

If there is anything that I missed or anything you would like to have discussed prior to our Spring HOD, please let me know so we can get it on the agenda for the April phone call.  

Our next phone call will be on April 18th at 8 pm