SMAC Families raised over $3000 selling WFC bars!

REVISED - The tallies are in & we've raised over $3000 selling the World's Finest Chocolate! Our top sellers were;

  1. Jakia & Jayla White selling 21 boxes!!!
  2. Both Logan Atkins and Aiden, Avery & Daylie Oswald selling 5 boxes!
  3. Eli Vaugn selling 4 boxes!
  4. And each selling 3 boxes were Anna & William Richards, Emmaline Heale and Mason & Mckenzie McWhoter.

Special thanks to these families for working the group sales day which resulted in selling over 10 boxes!!! Wisslers, Mcwhorters, Neils, Cronks, Snyders all works an hour while the Heales stayed for two, Stewarts stayed for four & the Whites helped for a whopping seven hours! 

If you see Amy Campbell, please pass along your sincere gratitude for her effort in coordinating such a successful fundraiser!