March Team Newsletter

Important Dates

Third Tuesday: March 19th
This is our regular meeting night, however due to the upcoming spring break, we WILL have regular practices.

Southeastern Divisionals: March 22nd - 24th (Registration deadline: March 9th)
Held in Savannah, GA. This is one of our most important meets of the year. All eligible swimmers are encouraged to attend. Help us defend the H.O.G.!! See details and sign uphere.

Lifeguard Certification: March 25th-27th (Registration deadline: March 15th)
Lifeguard certification opportunity. This is a 3-day class, and the cost for WRA team members is $225 (certification) and $125 (re-certification). Non-team members must pay an additional $50 registration fee. See details and sign up here.

Spring Break: March 25th-31st 
Annual Spring Break. Practices will resume Monday, April 1st.

Our March swim lesson classes have now been scheduled and are open for registration. See more information and sign up here.

A Note from the Coach: 

"Building Friendships, Training Champions:"

We hope this mindset is present in everything we do, from practice to meets, from coaches to swimmers, from pool to home. Training champions is about more than winning a heat - It's about training champions in life. It's about developing resiliency, integrity, and a mentality that obstacles are just challenges to overcome, and that humility is the greatest strength. Being a champion is not about winning an event, but reaching your fullest potential. In all of this, we are strengthened by our teammates - whether being motivated to push on when there is a tough training set, or encouraged after a difficult day at school. And therein lies the importance of building friendships, because those friendships, in turn, help provide the strength we need to train as champions.

Divisionals is a great opportunity to work, as a team, toward something greater than just an individual performance. It's our chance to show the rest of our Division what being an Aquanaut is all about. It's about getting excited for your teammates when they have a great race. Really excited. Yelling your face off excited. It's about swimming so hard you don't know how you'll get out of the pool when the event is over, and then coming back and swimming it even harder at finals. And Divisionals is the reward: It's the culmination of a season's worth of training. It's a weekend of just having fun, racing and making memories with your friends, after weeks of long, challenging practices.

Now, let's go compete alongside our friends, and lift each other up as champions.    

Later this month, we will be entering our taper in preparation for the team Championship, and will be focused on:

  • Refining specific racing skills.
  • Reducing practice duration while maintaining practice intensity.
  • Rest and recovery.
  • Mental preparation.
Remember, more details on our training cycles can be found on our website under Team resources, or by clicking here.

Swim Camps

2019 Bauerle Bulldog Swim Camp
Two swim camps, two start and turn camps, and one weekend camp option.

GA Tech - Gold Medal Jacket Swim Camp
June 3rd - 6th, or July 8th - 11th

GA Tech - Weekend Swim Clinics
April 20th, May 4th, and May 11th



Spring Break
March 25th - 31st

Our Summer/Long-Course schedule will be announced soon!

...see more


Committee Corner

We are still looking for members for the following parent committees: Officials, Social, and Maintenance.

Email Amanda to participate.

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