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2019 12 & Under State Meet Recap


2019 MI 12 & Under Short Course State Meet Recap

What an amazing weekend filled with some fast swimming.  I want to congratulate all of our 12 & under swimmers on making it to the 2019 Short Course State Meet.  There were many personal best’s hit this weekend and we are proud of each and every one of them.  As a Team Liquid Lightning placed 16th overall with a score of 208.5.  The boys led By Timo Wolf, Colin Steffens, David House and Nick Alexander pulled in 142.5 points coming in 10th and the girls led By Danielle Danko and Gianna Perazza scored 66 points.  We had multiple swimmers make it to Finals and I want to congratulate them on making the top 16 in the STATE!  This is an unbelievably hard accomplishment and all the hard work these swimmers have put in this season has really paid off.


Gianna Perazza

Gianna came in 3rd in the State for her 50 Back, 5th for her 100 Back and 16th for her 100IM!

Timo Wolf

Timo came in 4th in his 50 Free, 14th in his 100 Back, 5th in the 200 Free, 4th in his 50 Back, 13th inb his 200 Back and 9th in his 100 Free!

Danielle Danko

Danielle came in 6th in her 100 Back, 13th in her 500 Free, 10th for her 50 Back and 8th in her 200 Back!

Colin Steffens

Colin came in 13th in his 50 Free, 12th in his 100 IM, 13th in his 100 Fly, 6th in his 50 Fly

and 14th in his 200IM!

Nick Alexander

Nick came in 10th in his 100 Breast

David House

David came in 14th in his 100 Fly


2019 State 12 & Under Team

Gavin Accardo, Nick Alexander, Will Alexander, Dylan Chandra, Braeden Covintree, Larson Custer, Danielle Danko, Emelia Fiore, Kennedy Gahan, Joey Haidar, Briana Hernandez, David House, Simon Koganov, Maddox Lamothe, Lillian Larson, Gianna Perazza, Ben Riches, Delaney Sieber, Colin Steffens, Addison Thomas and  Timo Wolf


The Team Relays Finished in

Girls 10 & Under Free Relay – 19th Place

Boys 10 & Under A Free Relay – 12th  Place

Boys 10 & Under A Medley Relay – 9th Place

Boys 10 & Under B Free Relay – 17th Place

Boys 10 & Under B Medley Relay – 18th Place

Girls 11-12 Free Relay – 20th Place

Girls 11-12 Medley Relay – 21st Place

Boys 11-12 Free Relay – 20th Place

Boys 11-12 Medley Relay – 21st Place