PVS Parents Newsletter - March, 2019
March, 2019

Hail to the Volunteers!

Researchers believe volunteering can extend people’s lives because humans are hard-wired for the social connections we make when volunteering. Eye contact and smiling releases the hormone oxytocin, which helps us handle stress better. Additionally, volunteering gets us active and moving, which makes us more physically fit.
Swim meets would not exist without volunteers.  And the biggest need for volunteers at a swim meet is the need for timers.  Regardless of the automatic timing equipment being used, human timers are critical.  USA Swimming rules require that automatic timing equipment must be verified by the volunteer timers.  The folks standing behind the blocks are not there merely as a back-up if the timing system fails; their input is required for every heat!
Please consider volunteering as a lane timer at your child’s next meet.

The Meet Announcement

The Meet Announcement lists everything you need to know about the eligibility, rules, schedule, etc. for an individual meet. Meet Announcements are posted on the PVS website under “Meets.”
What kinds of information can be found in the Meet Announcement?
  • Dates and Location - Many meets are multi-day events and some are spread across multiple locations. If there are multiple locations, each PVS Club will be assigned to a specific location.
  • Schedule - Many meets have different session times for each age group and/or gender. The Schedule section of the Meet Announcement will identify the swimmers participating in each session, along with the time for warm-ups and the time that the events start.
  • Eligibility - Identifies swimmers who can participate in the meet. This can be specific age groups or specific clubs.  And some meets have minimum time standards or maximum (“no faster than . . .”) standards.
  • Rules – This includes the maximum number of events a swimmer can enter per day and for the meet. Information on the use of Dive Over Starts at the meet may also be listed here. The policy on Positive Check-in and Deck Entries may be included here, or in its own section.
  • Awards - If awards are provided at the meet, specific information is included in this section. Many PVS meets do not provide ribbons or medals to swimmers, so the absence of this section in the Meet Announcement indicates that no awards are given.
  • Individual Events - Look here for information on events swum fastest to slowest, rather than the typical slowest to fastest. Information on events with Prelims-Finalsformat may also be here.
  • Meet Entry Procedures - The information listed here is for your club’s representative who will consolidate entries to send to the Meet Director. These instructions and the deadline listed do not apply to parents and swimmers. Your club will submit the entries the meet.
  • Events - The events for each session are listed in table format with the event description (e.g., 11-12 100 yd Freestyle) in the center, the event number for girls on the left, and the event number for boys on the right. Warm-up times and event start times for the session are usually listed above the list of events.

Signs and Symptoms of a Concussion

Concussions are a major public health issue, particularly in the setting of sports. Millions of athletes of all ages may face the risks of concussion. USA Swimming has prepared the following information sheet to assist you and your child in recognizing the signs and symptoms of a concussion.

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