Congrats to the SKY 8 & unders who competed at State
Congratulations to all the SKY 8 & unders who competed at the 8 & under State Championships. Two sky swimmers earned state titles in their age groups 8 year old Maci Carver in the 50yd Fly and Tyler Wilkins in the 25yd Fly, back, Breast, and Free.  Other top 3 swims were John Ballou in the Fly 3rd,  Breast 2nd, Free 3rd, Maci Carver  back 2nd, Free 2nd, 100 IM 2nd. Hayden Flora 3rd 50 Breast, and Ethan Ware 3rd 25 back. Listed below are the complete results from the meet. Again Congrats to the all the SKY Swimmers 

John Ballou Fly 3rd, back 5th, Breast 2nd, Free 3rd 

Maci Carver Fly 1st, back 2nd, Breast 4th, Free 2nd, IM 2nd 

Molly Clark Fly 8th, back 8th, Breast 7th, Free 26th 

Hayden Flora Fly 9th, back 17th, Breast 3rd, Free 9th, IM 5th 

Bowen Furkin Fly 5th, back 9th, 50 Free 15th, 25 Free 6th 

Owen Powell back 18th,  Free 19th 

Reagan Stephens Fly 11th, back 10th, Free 14th, IM 16th 

Ethan Ware Fly 8th, 50 back 12th, 25 back 3rd, breast 8th, 50 Free 6th, 25 Free 5th 

Claire Wilkins Fly 11th, back 12th, Breast 16th, Free  16th 

Tyler Wilkins Fly 1st, Back 1st, Breast 1st, Free 1st, 100 IM 4th