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Boys High School Sectionals/States Recap

Boys High School Sectional/States Recap

Congratulations to the Empire swimmers on a fantastic High School Section1 Champships! We had a great showing from our swimmers. 18 of our boys swam fast enough on Tuesdays prelims to qualify for the finals on Thursday. In finals there were many highlights including Empire placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the 100 Backstroke. An empire swimmer won 7 out of the 11 events as well as claiming 18 of the total 33 top 3 spots in the meet. Almost all of the Empire swimmers in Sectional finals qualified to go on and compete at the New York State Championships. Great job to all of you!




Top 16 at Boys Section One Championships - Empire Swimmers 



200 Medley Relay

1st - Garrett Kiesel, Ellis Ritchie (Horace Greeley Relay)                       NYSQ 13th

2nd - Adrien Pierce, Jonathan Ma (Ardsley Relay)

7th - David Zoota (Scarsdale Relay) 

14th - Alex Miller (Harrison Relay)


200 IM

1st - Ellis Ritchie (1:55.75)

2nd - Garrett Kiesel (1:56.14)

4th - Kevin Crane                                                                                    NYSQ 27th

9th - Alex Miller                                                                                       NYSQ 45th

12th - Alex Gagliardi


100 Free

1st - Tim Cushman (46.77)                                                                      NYSQ 3rd

7th - Adrian Pierce                                                                                  NYSQ 49th


200 Free Relay 

1st - Jonathan Ma (Horace Greeley Relay)

2nd - Kevin Crane, Willem Stoll (John Jay-Brewster Relay)

3rd - Tim Cushman (New-Bro Relay)                                                      NYSQ 14th

4th - Alex Gagliardi (Fox Lane Relay)

11th - Dylan Nordstrom (Pelham Relay)

13th - Sam Andrews, Connor Vincent (Ardsley-Hast-Edge-Dobbs-Irv Relay)


100 Breast

7th - Alex Gagliardi                                                                                  NYSQ 48th

8th - Alex Miller

- -   - Kevin Crane                                                                                    NYSQ 51st 


200 Free

2nd - Willem Stoll (1:45.27)                                                                     NYSQ 25th

4th - Dylan Nordstrom                                                                            NYSQ 32nd

8th - Connor Vincent 

10th - Sam Andrews 

13th - Dan Fedorov


50 Free

2nd - Tim Cushman (21.85)                                                                     NYSQ 14th


100 Fly 

1st - Jonathan (50.56)                                                                              NYSQ 4th

2nd - Ellis Ritchie (51.79)                                                                         NYSQ 25th

9th - Kevin Crane 

15th - David Zoota 

16th - Akaash Saraf 


500 Free

2nd - Willem Stoll (4:40.41)                                                                      NYSQ 10th

6th - Dylan Nordstrom                                                                              NYSQ 33rd

7th - Connor Vincent                                                                                NYSQ 45th

8th - Sam Andrews                                                                                   NYSQ 39th

9th - Dan Fedorov

16th - Brice Pierce 


100 Back 

1st - Adrien Pierce (52.05)

2nd - Jonathan Ma (52.32)                                                                        NYSQ 37th

3rd - Garrett Kiesel (52.60)                                                                        NYSQ 31st

10th - David Zoota 

16th - Akaash Saraf 


400 Free Relay 

1st - Garrett Kiesel, Ellis Ritchie (Horace Greeley Relay)                                                        NYSQ 9th

2nd - Jonathan Ma, Adrien Pierce, Sam Andrews (Ardsley-Hast-Edge-Dobbs-Irv Relay).    NYSQ 21st

3rd - Tim Cushman, Gavin Blenk (New Bro Relay)                                                                 NYSQ 13th

5th - David Zoota (Scarsdale Relay)

11th - Dylan Nordstrom (Pelham Relay)

13th - Dan Fedorov (Peekskill Relay)

- -    -  Willem Stoll (John Jay-Brewster Relay)                                                                       NYSQ 28th



NYSQ (New York State Qualifier and place)