FORT Shows Up HUGE at AGS to Finish 6th

The 2019 Short Course season wrapped up this weekend for our Age Groupers (14 & Unders) at the Indiana Age Group State Championship Meet.  From start to finish it was such a fun and exciting weekend.  I am so proud of ALL of our Age Groupers not only for our performances in the pool but also the fun and sportsmanship shown out of the pool.  I was given many compliments by other coaches and officials about how much fun our team was to watch on deck.   

As a TEAM we finished in 6th PLACE!!!  This is the 2nd highest finish our team has ever placed at Short Course Age Group State.  THIS TRULY WAS A TEAM EFFORT AS WE HAD AT LEAST 1 RELAY FROM EVERY AGE GROUP (BOY & GIRL) STANDING ON THE PODIUM (Top 8).  In total our TEAM had 28 (TWENTY-EIGHT!!!!!) different FORT swimmers earning a Top 8 Finish, standing on the podium and come home with at least 1 medal.  That is incredible!!!

To say the 10 & Under sessions were electric is an understatement.  On Sunday, In the last race of the meet and what the meet announcer screamed “That Was the Race of the Meet!!!” our 10 & Under Boys 200 Free Relay came from behind and TIED with Carmel to WIN.  STATE CHAMPS! 

To be honest, as exciting as that race was, I’m not sure it actually was “the race of the meet.”  On Saturday our 10 & Under Boys 200 Medley Relay came from behind (in 3rd place & 4 seconds behind Carmel and Irish Aquatics) to touch them out at the wall and WIN.  STATE CHAMPS!!!

A special CONGRATS to the PARRISH Family!  ALL 5 Parrish kids made the State Team and swam at the State Meet this weekend.  That is quite an accomplishment.  Congratulations Jason and Michele!

I want to reiterate how proud I am of our TEAM.  Not only the kids but the coaches and parents.  Our coaches did an amazing job keeping the party on deck going all weekend long.  It takes a lot of sustained energy to keep kids energized and having a blast from Friday Night through all 3 sessions Saturday and Sunday.  Thank you, Dan, Courtney and Ian, because without a doubt this was the most fun, I have seen our entire team have including the parents.  PARENTS!!!  THANK YOU for sitting together all weekend.  We could hear you and the kids could see the high fives in the stands and the smiles and fun you all were having.  What an awesome way to close out the season.  Below are some of the Top Performers from the weekend

1ST Place – State Champions:  10 & Under Boys - 200 Medley Relay (Trevor Trent, Isaac Bushong, Jonah Barranda, Logan Parrish)  200 Free Relay (Logan Parrish, Will Greenlee, Jonah Barranda, Trevor Trent)

2nd Place – State Runner-Up:  Lydia Hogue – 50 Fly (10 & Under)

3rd Place:  Jonah Barranda – 50 Fly  / Trevor Trent – 50 Back  / Mason Crews – 50 Breast

4th Place:  11-12 Boys – 200 Free Relay (Mason Crews, Evan Bushong, Carson Collier, Jackson Parrish)

5th Place:  Jonah Barranda – 100 Fly / Jaila Morris 100 Fly / Jaila Morris 50 Fly

6th Place:  11-12 Girls – 200 Medley Relay – (Addy Burrough, Morgan DeWald, Jaila Morris, Reagan Garman) / 11-12 Boys – 200 Medley Relay (Evan Bushong, Mason Crews, Jackson Parrish, Carson Collier) / Lexi Jankowski 50 Free / Trevor Trent 100 Back

7th Place:  10 & Under Girls 200 Medley Relay (Kate Fetters, Maris Williams, Lydia Hogue, Savannah Nesseth) / Hayden Jones 200 Breast

8th Place:  13-14 Boys 400 Medley Relay (Miles Jackson, Hayden Jones, Charlie Gerig, Chandler Marsh)  13-14 Girls 200 Free Relay (Ellie Parrish, Kenley Garman, Laney Brooks, Natalie Marshall)  13-14 Girls 400 Free Relay (Ellie Parrish, Natalie Marshall, Chloe Hogue, Lexi Jankowski) / Mason Crews 200 Free / Lydia Hogue 100 Fly

Individual Consolation Finalist or Top 16 Relays:  Addy Burrough – Evan Bushong – Isaac Bushong – Morgan DeWald – Natalie Marshall – Jackson Parrish – Logan Parrish – Jonah Barranda – Mason Crews – Lydia Hogue – Hayden Jones – Jaila Morris – Trevor Trent

10 & Under Girls 200 Free Relay (Fetters, Nesseth, Hogue, Williams)

11-12 Girls 200 Free Relay (Garman, DeWald, Morris, Burrough)

13-14 Girls 400 Medley Relay (Brooks, Kata Harmon, Parrish, Jankowski)

13-14 Girls 400 Medley relay (Garman, Autumn Bruns, Parrish, Marshall)

13-14 Girls 200 Free Relay (Jankowski, Allison Williams, Natiya Hoffman, Hogue)

13-14 Girls 200 Medley Relay (Brooks, Harmon, Jankowski, Hoffman)

13-14 Girls 200 Medley Relay (Garman, Bruns, Hogue, Marshall)

13-14 Girls 400 Free Relay (Garman, Williams, Brooks, Hoffman)

13-14 Boys 200 Free Relay (Jones, Isaiah Peterson, Jackson, Marsh)

13-14 Boys 200 Medley Relay (Jackson, Jones, Gerig, Marsh)

Congrats to all and Thank You for the incredible season!

Ben Sutton
Head Age Group Coach
FORT Wayne Swim Team