SWAT, Swim-A-Thon this Wed for Whitworth Swimmers, Friday for EWU Swimmers


Hello SWAT,

The Swim-A-Thon is this Wednesday, March 13 for Whitworth swimmers and Friday for all EWU Swimmers.

Because this is a special event and the swimmers are testing their distance/training capacity, the Swim-A-Thon times for each group are a little different than the regular practice times. See below:


Whitworth Swim-A-Thon Times:

Ripples: 5:30-6:15pm

Wave Riders: 6:16-7:15pm

Bronze: 5:30- 7:15pm

Silver: 5:30-7:30pm

Gold: 4:30-6pm @ Fitness Center

Plat/Sr: 4:30-6pm @ Fitness Center


EWU Swim-A-Thon Times:

EWU Swimmers will be completing their Swim-A-Thon this Friday during regular practice times followed by a Pizza and Bowling Party at Cheney Lanes.


Each Group has their own distance goal again this year. Too often we only measure the progress of the swimmers through their times achieved at swim meets. The Swim-A-Thon is the perfect opportunity for coaches to test the overall improvement of the swimmers within each groups’ training capacity and the distance swum during this event.


  • The Ripples, Wave Riders goal is to get as many swimmers to surpass last year’s distance leader of 1350 yards

  • The Goal for the Bronze group is to see how many swimmers can surpass last year’s leader of 3150 yards and the Silver training group are already all expected to be able to complete the 5000 yards so they now have a 5000 yard timed swim.

  • This year, the Gold, Platinum, Senior and National swimmers all have major competitions this weekend with Sectionals and next weekend with Regionals, so their 5000 is completed in more of a workout format than a 5000 for time, which at this point would be counterproductive to their performance. But don’t worry, these swimmers will be completing their 5000 for time when we get back into the swing of things during the LC Season.


There is a pizza party at Whitworth Wednesday pool for all swimmers after they complete their time in the water.


Like last year, we have many incentives for our top fundraisers. We’re nearly half way to reaching our goal of $32,000 and the Bronze group is in the lead!

Remember, donations are easy through the online system and credit card donations are accepted. Just direct your donor to the team website and click the lane line at the top. Then search the swimmers name that they would like to make the donation under and follow the prompts.


Thank you again for all your fundraising efforts, remind your donors that SWAT is a Non-Profit Organization and the funds from the Swim-A-Thon play a huge role in our annual budget and help pay for the swimmers pool space, training equipment, coaching costs, and travel.


See you on deck!