Citrus order - March 2019

Hello Crusaders,


Here are the prices for our March citrus fundraising order:


California Oranges (88 per case) - $52

Spain Grapefruit (36 per case) - $52

Medium Clementines, Spain (about 90 per case) - $52


Order deadline is Sunday, March 31st.  


Delivery/Pick up date is Friday, April 5th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm  at  288 Windmill Road, Unit 1.  


Just go through the gate and around to the back.  Blue warehouse with white "288 unit 1" in upper left hand corner of building.


Please send all orders (total number of cases of each fruit) by March 31 to .  Any questions, email


For example:


 Oranges          12

 Grapefruit       10

 Clementines    6


Swimmers will make $10 of fundraising credit for every case sold, $5 for a half case. Generally we offer family, friends, or neighbours the choice of a full case or half a case.  You can offer a quarter of case but generally this gets more difficult to manage on your end. You can suggest if someone wants just a quarter then ask if they know someone who will buy the other quarter to make a half case.  When we submit the entire order to the supplier, all individual swimmers orders are tallied up and presented in total cases to the supplier.  Parents are expected to write a cheque for the entire amount of your swimmers order (made out to“DCSC”). The Treasurer/Finance Director will then pay the supplier for the entire invoice.  This happens on pick up date.  Everyone picks up their individual orders at the warehouse; drops off their cheque when you pick up your fruit; and you then deliver the fruit to your customers over the next couple of days.


Our new supplier for the past year, Gaby’s Fruits and Vegetables is excellent and owns a warehouse on  288 Windmill Road.  It is clean and large enough to back two vehicles in at a time to pick up fruit.  No more bad weather issues.  Conveniently local and you can make multiple trips to collect your fruit, worry free of weather. Expected spoilage is about 1-2 pieces per case but the fruit quality is very high.  We will have a time, a couple days after the initial pick up day, to exchange your spoiled fruit.  They have been in business locally for over a decade and he is very supportive of sports teams and the community.   Please collect your orders over the next few days.  Go Crusaders!  This quality of fruit you rarely see in the grocery store and if you do, it is priced higher.  The oranges and clementines are juicy, sweet and easy to peel. Grapefruit are perfect ruby red.




Thank you

Geoff Bennett