2019 Summer NTA Registration
As summer registration continues through March 27th, I would like to convey a few updates on our billing features this season. As we look to welcome new members to our program and growing our team family, we are implementing some new billing procedures that will be in place for this summer to better accommodate our team family to keep kids in the pool!  
Please note: these are all on a trial basis and for this summer session ONLY. 
1)    ¾ Session enrollment fees. Athlete can participate in NTA for April 1-June 17. Athletes will be able to swim in local May & June meets and the team hosted meet on June 12. These athletes are not eligible for workouts after June 17th, team travel trips or July competitions. Athletes will be granted amnesty from tryouts in the fall and will be placed in an appropriate group in the fall, but will not be eligible for move-ups into the performance levels of the program at the on-set of the fall season and will be evaluated throughout the fall season instead. Athletes will be charged ¾ regular summer season fees on April 5th (less the $100 registration fee).  Should an athlete opt to participate in championship meets, the balance of the season fees will be accessed immediately.  This will be a non-refundable chargeThis is a trial effort for the Summer 2019.
2)    Full Summer fees – 2 installments. The Summer Registration fees (less the $100 registration fees) will be split across two equal payments – April 5th, June 5th. Families will be assessed the credit card fee on the second payment (2.5% of the second payment) or use your ACH account for no fee.  Normal refund policies will apply, but against the full registration fees, not the initial installment.
3)    Full Summer fees – 1 payment. The summer fees will be accessed in full on April 5th.  Normal refund policies will apply.
Families will receive a form via email on March 20th (Due April 3) to select the option that best fits your family.
If you do not respond to the form, the full season registration fees (less $100 registration) will be charged on April 5th. 

If you have any additional concern regarding your family, please let us know.