Gator Greetings - Kristen Ivey

Gator Greetings - We are ECA!

Meet Kristen Ivey!

ECA Site: Greenville

Age: 14

Grade and school you attend:

8th grade, Hope Middle School

When did you start swimming? 

I started swimming with ECA at 7 years old.

Do you play other sports? 

I am a member of the Hope Middle School Cross Country and Track teams.  

Why do you like to swim? 

I like swimming because it allows me to spend time with my friends and I like to work hard in practice. I really enjoy being part of the ECA Big Fish/Little Fish program as well. 

Favorite stroke? Breaststroke

Hobbies, extracurricular activities &/or volunteer involvement?   

I play the Violin and Bass with my school orchestra. I volunteer with ENC AMBUCS as often as I can. ENC AMBUCS is a non profit organization that provides adaptive bikes to children with disabilities. I like to volunteer at home ECU swim meets as well at ECU Club meets when they need help.