Short Course Breakout Swimmer of the Year

Hello Wisconsin Head Coaches and Athlete Representatives,

The past few years at the annual spring banquet Wisconsin Swimming has presented a special award called Short Course Breakout Swimmer of the Year.  This year we will again honor a swimmer of each gender with the Short Course Breakout Swimmer of the Year.

Swimmers eligible for the award must be aged between 15-18 years of age.  They are nominated by their athlete peers or WI Swimming coaches that have taken notice.  This award has the spirit to target athletes that have made large steps and found success later in their relative swimming life.

Think of individuals that have shown great improvement during this short course season.  Some credentials to consider may be first time State or National meet qualifiers after swimming several seasons before reaching such a benchmark.  Those nominations are not limited to the examples provided as they are just food for thought. 

Female and Male nominations for Short Course Breakout Swimmer of the Year will be conducted by write in method.  The deadline to get write in nominations is Wednesday, March 20th.  Please send an email to Coach Rep Rob McCabe by the 11:59pm March 20th deadline

Write in nominations may be sent to Rob at his email of

Warm regards,

Rob McCabe
Wisconsin Swimming Senior Coaches Representative