Spring Champs Meet Information

Spring Champs Meet Information

Entry Report

Relay Report

*Please note that if you are listed in a relay and CANNOT participate, please email your child's primary coach and notify them ASAP so they can find a replacement.Relays who do not have all particiants the day of the swim may have to scratch.

Psych Sheet


Notes from the Meet Director:

  • For all Friday events, swimmers must provide their own timer/counter. Friday night events may require positive check-in. 
  • Schedule Change: the changes are highlighted and in red. 
    • Friday (All Ages)
      • 4:30 PM Warm-ups
      • 5:30 PM Session Starts
    • Saturday & Sunday
      • 11-12
        • 7:30 AM Warm-ups (Changed from 7:00 AM)
        • 8:30 AM Session Starts (Changed from 8:00 AM)
      • 9-10
        • 11:40 AM Warm-ups
        • 12:30 PM Session Starts
      • 13 +
        • 3:00 PM Warm-ups (Changed from 3:30 PM)
        • 4:00 PM Session Starts (Changed from 4:30 PM)