ESSL Championships

There is a large number of swimmers for the ESSL Championship meet and they have combined it into 1 session. This does cause capacity issues for spectators. Admission is $5 to get in, VOLUNTEERS are free to get in. So if you did volunteer or would like to volunteer you would not need to pay.

We are provided with 25 bracelets up front to sell to our team. However that basically only allows 1 bracelet per family. On Thursday night you can bring $5 and purchase 1 bracelet per family. You MUST bring the bracelet with you on Saturday because without it there is no entry. On Satruday there will be 150 additional bracelets that will be sold at the door on a first come first serve basis. There are 300+ swimmers in the meet, so those 150 bracelets could go fast, so I would recommend getting here early. Non swimming children do count, so please look into leaving them home or with a babysitter. At the door you can not buy bracelets for people that are not here yet. 

Also no chairs or strollers are allowed in upstairs. Again we are URGED to limit the number of spectators, so lets try to keep it to parents only.

WARM-UP's are 8:00 so please be there by 7:45. I believe the doors for admission will open at 7:30 but I will confirm that and let everyone know if it is different 

If you have any questions please email to