Suzanne Sokolowski Elected as Niagara JR Athlete Rep

Junior Athlete Representative

Congratulations to Suzanne Sokolowski on being elected as the Junior Athlete Representative for Niagara LSC beginning September 1, 2019. In this position, Suzanne wll sit on a number of committees and have a voice for the athletes to make sure their opinions are heard during discussions and in decision making.

Suzanne was one of three athletes running for this position and was elected by swimmers 13 years and older in the LSC. The results were announced during Finals at the Niagara Gold Short Course Championship meet on Sunday, 3/10/2019. Way to go, Suzanne!


From the Senior Athlete Representative:

There are two athlete representatives elected to the Niagara Board of Directors. The Junior Athlete Representative is elected by the athletes of the LSC who are 13 and over. The elected athlete serves one term as the Junior Athlete Rep and serves the following year as the Senior Athlete Rep. A new Junior Athlete Rep is elected to replace the new Senior Rep. As athlete representatives, we attend monthly conference calls with the Board of Directors, vote on policies, and present a monthly report. We serve as a liaison between the athletes and the board. We are also on committees such as Technical Planning. We run the Niagara Swimming Instagram as well to keep the athletes informed. Each year, the athlete representatives, along with the Board of Directors, travel to the USA Swimming National Convention in September to represent the LSC in USA Swimming policies. The athlete representatives host athlete meetings at House of Delegates twice a year. We bring up athlete issues to the board level as they arise. We communicate to the athletes opportunities for leadership development as well. 

Molly Hewett