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2019 New England Swimming Girls' Performance and Leadership Summit

2019 New England Swimming Girls’ Performance and Leadership Summit

What:  This two-and-a-half day summit, to be held at Simmons College in Boston, MA, will showcase some of the rising female talent and leadership within New England.  
This summit seeks to provide female swimmers age 13-16 the opportunity to learn leadership and skills from coaches and professionals in all realms of the sport. Based off of a combination of ideas from the National/Zone Select Camps and She LEADS Summits, attendees will train and learn from expert mentors, participate in team building activities, and learn about their strengths that will help them navigate their teenage years and achieve as students, as athletes, and as leaders.  

All expenses except travel to and from the Summit will be covered by New England Swimming.

When:  June 7-9, 2019, Simmons College, Boston, MA
Who: This Summit will have an application process in which 42 athletes will be selected based on the qualifications. Qualifying Athletes must be 13-16 years old, and have a minimum IMX score of 2000 and/or 2 AA Motivational Times. Athletes must also have their coach’s approval.

Applications Open March 12th through May 5th. Email Meghan Feran ( or Bernie Dickman ( with any questions.

Selection Priorities for Applicants to the Summit

General Criteria:
Swimmers must be age 13-16 at the time of qualification. Qualification period is 01/01/2018-04/01/2019. Swimmers must be registered as a member of New England Swimming during the qualification period. All applying swimmers must have at minimum either a 2000 point IMX score and/or 2 AA times.  
Performance Criteria/Selection Priorities (these will be utilized if the camp is oversubscribed): First Priority: Athletes with US Junior National qualifying times who have not previously attended a US Zone Select or National Select camp.
Second Priority: Number of AAA Times
Third Priority:  IMX Score
Fourth Priority: Number of AA Times
Fifth Priority:  Total Powerpoint score of top two qualifying times.

*    In the case of ties in IMX scores, priority will be given to the higher LCM IMX score. In the event of a tie for both SCY and LCM, the highest power point swim in LCM will be the tiebreaker.
*    All swimmers attending the Summit must have the recommendation of their coach.


A project of the New England Swimming BOD Coaches’ Representatives and the Coaches Committee.