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Congrats Marlins on a phenomenal weekend of racing!

What an exceptional weekend of racing!  This past weekend, we had swimmers in multiple locations as our 14 and Unders were competing at Sierra Nevada Short Course Champs while 6 of our senior ladies were competing at at a meet in Clovis.  The coaching staff was more than excited with the energy, results, and most importantly culutural development that we witnessed.  At Short Course Champs our team placed 2nd overall which is exceptional, however if you add up all the unattached points it was a close race for 1st!  Our goal for next year is to win the meet and we will be working on getting every possible swimmer involved to accomplish that goal.

I've asked each coach to write up a short recap of their results and have included it below.   Check out the awesome work your kids did an get excited for the rest of the season ahead.   Personally, I absolutely cannot wait for Long Course Season!   Great Job Everyone :)

Pre-Seniors/Seniors @ JO's:

The Pre-Senior/Senior Group swimmers competing in the meet showed lots of heart this past weekend.  Over the 3 days of competition the group swam to best times in over 70% of their swims. Impressive!!! This group of kids(as well all other Marlin age group swimmers) were fun to watch. The energy and hype was high throughout the weekend. Many swimmers qualified for additional SWAGR and Far Western events, with one swimmer(Ava Chavez)achieving sectional cuts in 2 events(100 Breast/500 Free). Brady Calkins lead the boys pre-senior group with 77 points, winning every event he competed. Phoebe Yoder lead the girls side with 64 points. Great job! Many swimmers contributed to the overall combined 2nd place WIN for the Marlins. See below.

  • Noah Carver - 38 points - 5 Best Times
  • Anastasia Berejnoi - 46 points - 7 Best Times
  • Ava Chavez - 52 points - 6 Best Times
  • Brooks Dingle - 12 points - 3 Best Times
  • Morgan Kukral - 26 points - 4 Best Times
  • Skyla Lang - 42 points - 5 Best Times
  • Reese Minning - 53 points - 4 Best Times
  • Maddie Myers - 9 points - 3 Best Times
  • Miranda Sellers - 3 points - 6 Best Times
  • Pranav Walimbe - 17 points - 3 Best Times
  • Michael Zhang - 2 points - 5 Best Times
  • Andrew Rodenberg  - 3 Best Times
  • Logan Irvine - 4 Best Times
  • Dax Knoll - 4 Best Times
  • Andrew Gao - 6 Best Times
  • Lexi Haymart - 6 Best TImes
  • Sebastian Herrera - 2 Best Times
  • Lily Magda - 2 Best Times
  • Amalie Claus-Udarbe - 9 points - 2 Best Times
  • Evangelos Tepenkiozis - 6 Best Times
  • Caitlin Wham - 13 points - 3 Best Times

Great job and kudos to these swimmers. I look forward to the weeks ahead with SWAGR and Far Westerns right around the corner.
Marlins proud! Marlins strong!
-Coach Tim

Group 1:

Group 1 had a great Championship Meet this last weekend. Congrats to Colton Bilodeau getting best personal times in the 25 yard free and 25 yard back. Colton placed 7th in the freestyle finals and earned 4 points for the team! Also, big shout out to Miguel and Will for competing in the relays with Colton and Ian!! Well done group ONE!
-Coach Travis

Groups 2 & 3

What a fantastic weekend and championship meet! I am so proud of all the Marlins who swam at the meet and couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this great team. We did an amazing job supporting our teammates. We raced with determination and precision. Although we were faced with challenges, from the weather to illnesses, I saw us pull together as a team and give it our all. We had 49 new personal best swims, multiple new SWAGR and Far Western qualifiers, and two relays place first overall (Girls 10&U 200 Free & Boys 11-12 400 Medley). We also had 10 swimmers from Group 2 and 3 race in finals including: Katerina Berejnoi, Connor Bilodeau, Kota Charles, Brady Clark, Jessica Johnson, Lauren Johnson, Ian Kim, Aaron Niu, and Zoey Tinker. Finally, I want to recognize Lauren Johnson for winning the overall high point award for 8&U, Well done Lauren! Congratulations to all Group 2 & 3 swimmers! What a great moment to be a Marlin!
-Coach Alec

Senior Ladies @ Clovis

We had 6 Swimmers competing who ammassed 15 total Personal Best Times!

  • Fionnah Alvarez—50 and 100 twice, 200
  • Maria Corvacho—200 Fly and 200 Free
  • Maddie Hoppa—100 Fly
  • Cassidy Jones—100
  • Karena Peterson - 200 Free
  • Lauren Rodenberg- 200 and 500 twice, 50 and 100

In addition, we had 17 Finals Swims were faster than in Prelims:

  • Fionnah-twice, Maria-4 times, Maddie-once, Cassidy-4 times, Karenna-once. Lauren 5 times
  • Led by Lauren Rodenberg, with 6 Best Times, including 4 during Finals and Fionnah Alvarez, with 5 Best Times, including both of her finals.

Special mention to Maria Corvacho and Cassidy Jones for their excellence overcoming and battling back overcoming injuries. The first night they both swam 2 finals within 30 minutes and each went 1 Best Time and were very solid in their 2nd swim.

Great Team Spirit. Special recognition to Fionnah for timing during Finals on Saturday and Cassidy Jones for her Senior leadership.

-Coach Doug