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Practice Update for GAC Groups this Week!

Practice Update for GAC Groups this Week

Hello ALL, please review...National 1, National 2, and Senior Groups, basically GAC is closed AFTER our morning practice on Monday, and we are at Bryan every afternoon.  National Prep you are OFF Monday-Thursday, then you are normal Fri/Sat and invited to a Sunday practice at GAC as well (optional).

National 1, National 2, and Senior Groups that practice at GAC:

Morning Practices

  • Nat 1, Nat 2, and Senior Groups that normally practice at GAC:
    • Monday AM is Swim NORMAL 5:15am-7am at GAC, it is the LAST and ONLY practice at GAC this week!
    • Tuesday/Thursday is Body Pump at Bryan 5:30-6:45am
    • Wednesday/Friday is at Bryan Swim 5:15am-7am

Afternoon Practices

  • Monday-Thursday is at Bryan YMCA 5:30pm-7:45pm, we will get in the water at 5:45pm each evening after brief stretching and practice explanation
  • Friday and Saturday are NORMAL, 5:00-7:45pm at Bryan with strength training the first hour and swim getting in the water at 6pm-7:45pm at latest on Friday, normal 7-10am Saturday morning (swim first, dry land last).
  • Sunday, March 24 we plan to offer a practice at the GAC tentatively 11am-1pm

National Prep that practice at GAC/Bryan YMCA:

You are OFF Monday-Thursday this week, start back Friday AM/Friday PM and Saturday morning, also same Sunday option as above (GAC 11am-1pm tentatively). 

  • Friday: 5:30-7:45pm at Bryan
  • Saturday: 8:00-10:00am at Bryan
  • Sunday: 11am-1pm at GAC (optional, tentative time)

Those qualifying for YMCA Nationals, Ellie Hunt and Noah Rock please start back on Wednesday OR Thursday.

Other Sites:

Normal, except NO Hayes-Taylor practices this week, those groups should go to Bryan or Ragsdale.