Islanders Team Philosophy, Developing The Process Oriented Athlete


As I mentioned in past emails, we have been updating our programmatic vision, policies and procedures, as well as putting some of our team philosophy and vision to paper. To that end, I have included a general overview of our plan for developing a "championship vision" for our athletes and parents. I have pasted it below, but I've also included it on our website. I hope you find this helpful when encountering these issues as parents. 



March, 19th, 2019

During every season, on almost any team, you’ll hear some athletes complain about how much time they commit to our sport, or ruminate on how “hard” it is to be a competitive swimmer. These issues range from the obvious comments “I have no life,” or all I do is swim,” or the single most frustrating illustration of this apathetic approach; “I just want to be a normal kid.

In all honesty, my world view of these complaints is simple…a “normal life” isn’t nearly as valuable, fulfilling, satisfying or happiness-producing as the life of a dedicated competitive swimmer. That “normal life,” is just easier, and quite frankly, a lot lazier.

I believe that if we can teach our 18 & under athletes to be really honest with themseleves, eventually they’ll learn to embrace challenges, struggles and develop critical life skills that extend far beyond the boundaries of the pool. Creating a process-driven lifestyle/mindset will NEVER be boring; rather it will be admittedly strenous, uncomfortable and affirming; validating their effort and positive approach to the sport. 

Ultimately the athletes who make a decision to follow their own path towards greatness will live as outcasts among their non-participatory peers, they’ve bucked their social heirarchy to strive for higher levels of achievement; this, in and of itself is a tremendous challenge and is exactly the type of environment we want to nourish at IA. Imagine a group of athletes on the same team who together have "let-go" of the socially accepted lazy behavior of the "normal life" to reach for their goals? You'll end up with a CHAMPIONSHIP vision. 




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Developing Championship Vision